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Promise of Tomorrow: What We Love About Tomorrow Era of TXT

Promise of Tomorrow: What We Love About Tomorrow Era of TXT

More than a month has passed since Tomorrow X Together, also known as TXT or Tubatu, began a new era. The sixth mini album, Minisode 3: Tomorrow, reflects on their previous years together while conveying stories from today’s generation. With seven tracks of captivating music, they crossed various genres to showcase their versatility and talent. 

The entire comeback is defined by its presentation of stunning beauty and dreamlike quality. It’s as if the album is transporting us back to our childhood and reclaiming our lost dreams so we can face tomorrow together. Now, Tomorrow X Together embarks on a new world tour, continuing their Tomorrow era and promising even more to amaze and thrill us.

But, these elements of the Tomorrow era have us craving even more.

Dreamy Concept Trailer 

Actor TXT in their Concept Trailer
Screenshot from: Hybe Labels/YouTube

Weeks before the comeback, a concept trailer featuring actors TXT was released. Each member has their own moment to showcase their skills in a setting other than music. As much as we love TXT as idols, we can’t deny how much we love it when we see them as actors. Each piece of content has left us wanting more of it in the future. 

Aside from their acting, the concept storyline, the acoustic dreamer’s contemporary dance, and the incredible cinematography all combined to create a breathtaking work of art. Moreover, TXT’s lore is as complicated as it appears, involving magic, fantasy, and fairy tales.  But this story takes us back to the innocence of childhood and rekindles forgotten dreams. As we embrace this journey forward, the future welcomes us with open arms, for tomorrow is a promise that always awaits.

Overall, we got cinematic, theatrical, and emotional vibes!

Deja Vu of TXT

Tomorrow X Together Deja Vu Official Music Video

TXT gave us déjà vu because this pop song contains lyrics from previous albums that are waiting to be rediscovered. “Deja Vu” is a sentimental yet powerful song about remembering the promise of the past, and meeting again will feel like déjà vu, as the song’s title suggests. It even extends their record for longest charting song on both Billboard South Korea and Global Excl. United States.

The lyrics, concept, choreography, and music all fit together perfectly. Also, the dance break is superb, with Yeonjun’s high kick, which he executed flawlessly each time. The current era additionally highlights their vocals, which are deep and beautiful. It’s no surprise they received a lot of praise for their “Deja Vu” encore stage.

Beautiful Tracklist 

Even though “Dejavu” is the title track, the B-sides deserve attention on their own. It comprises a song about the promise “Let’s meet tomorrow” in which Yeonjun, Hueningkai, and Taehyun get involved in the writing process. They’ve also showcased impressive choreography for “I’ll See You There Tomorrow” during their music show appearances.

One awe-inspiring detail on the tracklist is the inclusion of morse code, similar to their debut, which translates to “tomorrow.” The album also features two unit songs: “The Killa” by Yeonjun and Soobin, with its Afrobeats genre and sensual feel, and “Quarter Life Crisis” by Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai, with its youthful attitude toward dealing with existential crises. 

Finally, Miracle, which we believe is TXT and MOA’s new anthem. Taehyun, who participated in the writing process, wrote this song with the members in mind, and we listen to it with them in mind because they, too, were our miracle. So, we can’t wait to sing this song out loud! 

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Aesthetics and Visuals of TXT

TXT in different styles for Minisode 3: Tomorrow's promotional activities and album concepts
Photo Credits: Tomorrow X Together/Weverse

The stylists definitely knew what they were doing in this era, as Tubatu served in every concept photo of the album and in every music show they attended. From laces to crop tops, young princes to youth rockstars, ballet to punk, and everything in between. They even pull off two distinct looks and concepts, making us wonder how amazing they are. 

The combination of light and romantic looks with promise and ethereal styles on the concepts is a truly unique contrast. Nobody else is doing what TXT is doing. It’s understandable that Soobin believes that the visuals on this album are unique to TXT.  Well, their visuals are really top-tier!

Content and Guesting Frenzy 

Screenshot from: Idol Human Theater, MTV, odg, and Kstarnextdoor/YouTube

Comebacks include guest appearances and promotional activities on various variety and music shows. While their primary goal is to promote their new album, Tubatu’s effortless comedy did not escape us. In each show, whether as a group or with a few members, they demonstrate talent, authenticity, and a sense of humour to the audience, resulting in a playlist of content.

MOAs adore comeback seasons for the abundance of content it brings, allowing us to binge-watch to our heart’s content. We adore seeing TXT interact with others, witnessing the genuine fondness between them and the show hosts. It’s heartwarming to see so many people appreciating their music and dedication.

A Promise in a World Tour 

Photo Credits: Tomorrow X Together/X

The hopeful cheers that Tomorrow X Together gives during “Miracle” feels like it mirrors the theme of the world tour and the feeling of “Let’s be together tomorrow as well.” It feels like a confirmation of a deeply held commitment to stick by them until the miracle of tomorrow arrives.

As the “Act: Promise” world tour kicks off, MOAs’ excitement is building for the announcement of additional dates. TXT’s love and music are brought to MOAs through this global tour, resulting in a miraculous experience for all as fans and Tubatu come together.

The era of Tomorrow has already produced a great deal of amazement and thrill. But there are many more surprises in store for Tubatu and MOA tomorrow. For the time being, let us enjoy the present moment because we’ll see each other again tomorrow!

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