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Top 3 Vacation Spots in Asia Perfect During Christmas Season

Top 3 Vacation Spots in Asia Perfect During Christmas Season

The Christmas season equates to spending quality time with our family and relatives. It is one of the only seasons where everyone can get together for a feast or vacation. Speaking of vacation, the ber-months signify a perfect time to plan your vacation during the Christmas season. With that, here are some perfect vacation spots for the ber-months season.

Vacation in Tokyo, Japan

It is safe to assume that Tokyo, Japan shines bright on every person’s vacation spot bucket list. The Land of the Rising Sun usually does not have a hot climate at all. Ice commonly covers the place, especially during the Christmas season. The cold weather and super-friendly environment would make you want to have a Christmas vacation in Japan. 

With that in mind, Tokyo is the place to be with your family and relatives. Enjoy multiple activities along the way with your loved ones. You can go and have fun inside Tokyo Disneyland with younger relatives. Aside from that, other family members can go all out shopping at different stores available nearby. After that, the whole family can enjoy a hearty traditional Japanese meal at night.

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Jeju Island, South Korea

K-POP fans surely want to go to Korea as soon as possible. Well, here is the sign. South Korea, specifically Jeju Island, visualizes the white Christmas that we see on postcards. From the Ecoland theme park to the famous Mount Hallasan, there is surely striking scenery during the Christmas season. 

However, aside from the scenery and activities in Jeju, the food stands out the most. Jeju Island offers a wide array of choices in terms of food which complements well with the Filipino Christmas tradition. As we know, feast or salo-salo is the center of a Filipino Christmas celebration. Thus, Jeju Island is a perfect place for having a feast under the cold breeze of the wind in the country.

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Christmas in the Philippines

There’s no other place like home. The Philippines offers a lot of tourist spots for all ages. So why would you go as far in Asia if you can spend quality time with your family here in the Philippines? The Christmas spirit truly lives alive in the land of the Philippines. As other foreign people would say, the Philippines has the most extravagant Christmas celebration ever. 

Families can travel along all borders of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao to explore the perfect destination for them during the Christmas season. Plus, the food is exceptional just how we thought it would be. I mean, comfort dishes truly satisfy our cravings, especially during the much anticipated Christmas season. 

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As the Christmas season is nearby, let us be reminded of the true essence of this special day. It is called a day of giving for a reason. Give to those who are in need, especially during this time of the pandemic. In that way, we can truly celebrate the birth of Christ.
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