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The people behind Lakan BL series bare how they relate to the story

The people behind Lakan BL series bare how they relate to the story

LAKAN is the newest digital Pinoy Boys Love (BL) Series to get hooked on for it tells an interesting story of culture, relationships, and family. Set in the picturesque (place), viewers will surely want to visit as soon as they can!
It will be showcasing representation as well as the strength and masculinity of two men who formed an intimate relationship, oblivious of what love means and discovering their sexual preferences.
Paul Cervantes plays the role of John, and in an exclusive interview with Village Pipol, he shared how he connects with his character.

Photo by Sabino Gallo


“John is a City Guy who wants to escape the difficulty of life in the City. So like him, maybe all of us want to rest, to breathe, to escape and forget all of our problems.”

A proud member of the LGBTQIA community, Paul further said that he has long been a firm believer of “True Love Knows No Gender”.
Meanwhile, John Kennedy Nakar as Caloy is also one to look out for. His character is close to his heart since he is also a part of an ethnic group in real life.

“Playing Caloy in the LAKAN Series, was very relatable for me kasi I am one of the members of the ethnic group called DUMAGAT tribe and as one of them, I am proud na kahit fictional lang ang tribe na lalabas sa series pero ang mahalaga meron parin basehan si Direk ng lahat ng sinulat niya na story, like Libulan which is the God of the Moon and also the Patron God of Homosexuality based on our Philippine Mythology.”

He describes the series as impactful and that he thinks that films like this serve well the Filipino audience because they’re going to showcase diversity, the beauty of having our differences, and what makes us unique and valuable in our own right.

“Basta gusto ko lang na ilagay nila ang sarili nila sa sitwasyon ni Caloy,  He’s in line with many responsibilities sa tribo nila at paano ang gagawin niya kung gusto nyang maging malaya at ma-discover pa ang sarili nya sa ibang way. Gusto ko na ma-interpret nila na si Caloy ay handang gumawa ng mga bagay na imposible para lang sa karapatan nyang sumaya ng walang inaalalang iba.”

Director Vincent Ricafrente created Lakan out of curiosity among Philippine tribes and if homosexuality exists within them. He, too, can relate to the story.

“Very similar sa buhay ko ang mga eksena sa series, dahil naging escape ko ang nature sa sobrang stressful na buhay sa city, kaya every scenes na mapapapanood sa series ay may realistic approach sa buhay ko. At environmental lover din ako..kaya gusto ko may elements ng nature ang mga gagawin kong projects.”

The main purpose of the film is to not just educate the viewers about the tribes but instill values upon them as well about love, acceptance, and that in whatever state, we are free to make our own decisions.
Watch the trailer here:
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