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THE KICK: Foxes Casts a Spell of Post-Pandemic Euphoria

THE KICK: Foxes Casts a Spell of Post-Pandemic Euphoria

We can collectively agree that we dare not go back to the nightmares of the year 2020. The days that the world shut down and left everyone uncertain of the possibility to be carefree and be back outside. The melancholy of being confined in the four corners of our room — craving for the vibrant days and nights outdoors, like how it was before. Indeed, we all went through past this struggle. And for the British-Singer: Louisa Rose Allen—also known as FOXES—also shares a familiar conflict.

The gloom of the early months of 2020 sparked her and the birth of her third studio album: THE KICK. A dance-pop record made to ignite post-lockdown debauched nights. Let’s delve deep into FOXES’ third studio album as she compels us to dance the melancholia away.

On becoming FOXES

If you are one of those who blasted EDM music back in 2012 and 2013, Foxes is no stranger to you then! Her vocals soared and fronted the massive hit Clarity by Zedd. Dominating the dancefloors and music festivals globally. Ultimately, it scored the singer a record deal with Sony Music. However, Louisa did not want to compromise her artistic vision to meet the record label’s expectations.

This has resulted in her leaving Sony and pursuing her independent career as an artist through her new record label: PIAS. Despite the unexpected trajectory, Foxes still won the hearts of her fans through her music. She connected to her fans with sonically consistent, unique yet relatable music that her fans truly love and celebrate. Manifested through her debut and sophomore album.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Iamfoxes

Moreover, the interim which she called a much-needed break, fueled her creative vision and inspired her to give out her genuinely and best-crafted art – her music. Her fans were delighted to witness it all through her comeback album after the hiatus.


During the days of lockdown, it halted routines, norms, and a certain reality that we’re used to. No one has ever expected mandatory confinement. We have no choice but to stay at home. We all have stories of how we confronted desolation during lockdown – stuck at home and staring at the same walls for months. However, dealing with desolation for FOXES yielded a zestful feeling detached from current reality. Her thirst for ecstatic nights translated into her album: THE KICK.

According to Louisa, along the process of songwriting; she felt an animalistic and strong desire to socialize again – these feelings trickle inside her. She reimagines the reality of stepping out of the confines of a house and relishing the freedom outside. This also explains her album art cover; consisting of nine photos of her in a box. The bizarre poses she makes inside these boxes allude to her longing to break free.

Sister Ray is a banger anthem!

Her lead single Sister Ray was the first song she wrote which sets the tone for the whole album. A dance and upbeat electronic music with a hint of melancholia. This became her blueprint for the whole album – the same reason why she released it first.

The British singer made sure that upon listening to it, you can totally relate to her yearning for debauched nights. And this is it! Furthermore, if you follow FOXES since day 1; you will love her sonically moving and euphoric music juxtaposed with soul-baring and a hint of dark lyrics and narratives. Just like what she delivered in her past songs: Body Talk and Holding onto Heaven. In this album, she still showcased her penchant for this.

Failed relationships, tragic endings, and false hopes; were some of the narratives injected in this album. Undeniably, despite the pain we go through, we all seek this kind of music that triggers and confronts our woe. For there it brings forth a cathartic feeling of immersing yourself in these relatable narratives. Just like when we listen to Taylor Swift‘s songs. Louisa however, wants you to dance with the woe; like in her songs this alum: Two Kinds of Silence and Gentleman

One thing’s for sure, we are dancing to this album; and if you haven’t? you don’t need to go to the disco club to do so. All you need is a space in your room, escape through your fantasies and let it all out while listening to THE KICK! The woe, the joy, the feelings – let it happen. This is a crystalline dance-pop record for solace.

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