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The jelly shoes are going through a fashion trend revival!

The jelly shoes are going through a fashion trend revival!

Fashion trends repeat, and today, the Y2K style is not the only one having a comeback. Jelly shoes are also in the current trend; the odd rubber fashion item now comes in different forms. 

The jelly shoes are going through a fashion trend revival!

Jelly shoes are comfortable and affordable yet stylish footwear. There was a time when almost all little girls and adults wore jelly shoes with their everyday outfits. Originally, it had a transparent-like design that covered toes without high heels. But, as fashion trends are reviving, these jellies came back with upgraded versions.

Photo: Moda Milano/IPA/Splash News

Chic Platform

If you’re looking for comfort and additional height at the same time, this version of the new jelly sandals is the one for you. As a platform, it appears to have a thick sole and arch support for your feet. Fashion icons and celebrities are wearing these jelly-chic platforms. 

Comfy Slide

Want to be in but prefer to keep things simple? There are modern jelly slides in different brands. There are plain-colored ones printed with a variety of patterns like animal designs and shapes. This type of jelly sandal is cute for an everyday look. 

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Classic Fisherman Shoes

The original design of jelly shoes is similar to the cage fisherman’s shape. It covers the feet but with a semi-full front and top. It also has a mini belt lock that goes up to the ankles. This classic design is back and has a look of finer transparent quality. From the runways, models usually wear socks and skirts with their jelly shoes. 

Jeweled Jelly

The fanciest and most elegant version of the current jelly shoes is these jeweled high-heel shoes. It doesn’t look like a rubber one and is usually covered with spikes and stones around the straps. If you’re interested in buying this version, there are also basic heels and even transparent ones. 

Classic styles are coming back into trends, and people are loving the idea of combining retro, vintage, and modern in one style. Try to match your jelly shoes with colorful socks!

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