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Bata Shoes is comfort and durability with a sole

Bata Shoes is comfort and durability with a sole

Bata Shoes

Bata Shoes Review: Ever since I was a kid, walking has been an essential part of my life. From going out to going home, I make it a point to hit some steps. Truth be told, everything’s “walking distance” in my book. My feet have always taken me everywhere, so it’s only fitting to equip them with the perfect pair.

Although, perfection is something hard to come by these days. And quite relative. What I find comfortable may not be for you. What’s dull to you could be what I’ve been looking for all this time. Shoes, in a way, are like that. Each fit a person differently, and the experience of walking isn’t the same for everyone.

All I ever wanted are shoes that feel right when I wear them. And by “right”, I mean that they shouldn’t be a pain to wear, they look good, and lastly, they don’t make me drag my feet when I walk.

BATA: Perfect Pair

One brand stands out whenever I think of comfort and durability. Be it for special occasions or just a quick stroll to the grocery, Bata Shoes is my go-to footwear. There literally isn’t a bad day with Bata. And they fit my 10-inchers like each pair is made just for me.

Bata Shoes Review 5
Bata Shoes Review 4

I’ve always liked how polished their designs are. They help me stand out but blend in with any outfit. My personal favorites are the ones under their Red Label line. They’re so trendy but still functional.

Bata Shoes Review 10Drex
Bata Shoes Review 3Arlo

I have the Bata Men’s Red Label Drex and Bata Men’s Red Label Arlo kicks, and they do make an awesome statement that isn’t in the nose.

BATA: Stylish Comfort


Who ever said fashion should cost more didn’t know Bata Shoes. For a reasonable sum, you can get your hands (or feet for this matter) with a pair of shoes that’s designed so meticuously. That’s definitely comfort in more ways than you bargained for.

Bata Shoes Review 7Drex
Bata Shoes Review 5Arlo

Both the Bata Men’s Red Label Drex and Bata Men’s Red Label Arlo shoes look sleek. Upon closer inspection, I can see that the material’s level of quality is superb. Their linings and stitchings are so clean that I occasionally ctach myself thinking, “Are these really just casual shoes???

BATA: Relaxed Durability


Shoes last by how you use them. Being a typical heavy walker, I can’t for the life of me keep a pair for more than a couple of years without thinning the soles out. But that would soon change. They’re made of durable materials of high-export quality.

Bata Shoes Review 9Drex
Bata Shoes Review 8Arlo

Rubber, leather, and canvas sown together to create footwear that lasts a lifetime. Wearing the Bata Men’s Red Label Drex and Bata Men’s Red Label Arlo shoes, I feel secured from the  tips of my toes to the curves of my heels.

Bata Shoes Review 1Arlo

Now that I’ve stayed indoors and walked barefoot more than I’ve ever been in my entire life, the shoes that I wear when I go out would have to be both comfortable and durable. My Bata shoes meet all that, and I can’t ask for anything more. They’re certainly comfort and durability with a sole.

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In case you missed it, Bata Shoes — the leading global footwear brand — just landed on Shopee. Their launching event started on January 11th and will end on January 17th. During the grand launch, you can enjoy exclusive promos and up to 70% off on selected items.

For men, you’ll find different types of shoes to go for any occasion.

Choose from Bata Men’s Contemporary Rully and Bata Men’s Flexible William for comfortable shoes for a long walk.


Bata Men Comfit Liam fit perfectly for an office look or even a formal occassion.


Bata Men Comfit Jenno is a go-to because of comfort, performance, and its high level of breathability.


For women who love to dress up without compromising comfort, a variety of pairs are avaialble for you.

You can check out Bata Ladies Terry (561-6623) Black or the Bata Ladies Comfit Shanell.


An outfit is always complete with the right heels – Bata Ladies Air Motion Casey Blocked Heels and, while Bata Ladies Air Motion Tricia Heels would look good with your shoe collection.



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