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The importance of networking as a fresh graduate

The importance of networking as a fresh graduate

As a fresh graduate, you may feel searching for a job is not that easy. It can really be challenging since you have to stand out from the applicants that are applying for the same position. Although you aced college, it would help you a lot if you have a professional network.

The importance of networking as a fresh graduate

They can be your friends, professors, or intern heads, as long as they have an important position in an organization, they are what we call a professional network. Here are some reasons why networking is important and tips on building a professional network.

Why is networking important?

Job opportunities

Having a connection within the organization can give you more access to job opportunities. Some companies do not publicly advertise their job vacancies. They sometimes choose to fill the position through the referrals of their employees.

Mentorship and guidance

Networking can also provide you with mentorship and guidance. By connecting with experienced professionals, you can gain advice and guidance on how to navigate your career path and achieve your goals.

If you have friends or if you know professionals in the industry you plan to dive into, you can ask them to be your mentor. They can guide you with your career and help you achieve your goals. They can provide you with the knowledge that a person can only learn through experience. This is the best head start.  

Tips on Building a Professional Network

Attend events

Join conferences, workshops, and other events where you will meet professionals in your field. Besides of building a network, you can learn a lot from attending these.

Utilize LinkedIn

LinkedIn was unpopular in the Philippines. However, amid the rise of demand for virtual assistants, the utilization of LinkedIn became a norm. In case you didn’t know, you can create a professional profile via LinkedIn. You can connect with other professionals in your industry and engage in discussions. Most of the time, this will serve as your portfolio.

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Be a social butterfly

If there is a corporate party, be the life of it. Engage with people and make connections. At this point, you shouldn’t ask about their lives at work. Make the conversation personal so you’ll truly get to know each other.

However, don’t go overboard and become the annoying social butterfly. Once you’re finally comfortable with each other, ask for the person’s social handles. It could be Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Follow up

After meeting someone, be sure to follow up and maintain the relationship. If applicable, act like you two are close for years. Make the conversation normal and talk about something not related to work. Ask them to eat out or have a coffee with you.

Building a professional network will take time. It will even require you to spend in some cases. However, this will be worth it. Once you’ve grown your connection, it will be easier for you to navigate your career path.

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