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The Artistry in Arthur Tolentino’s Hairstyling

The Artistry in Arthur Tolentino’s Hairstyling

In showbiz, hairstylists have an important function to any celebrity. Being in front of a camera remains one of the things they should prepare for. So, it must be handled by someone who is professionally good at his work. However, they should have a mix of artistry in his craft. And, Arthur Tolentino remains one of the living testaments of that. Although relatively new in this industry, he never let that get through his way. So, if you’re looking for a celebrity-approved hairstylist, you can count on Arthur Tolentino.

Get To Know Arthur Tolentino

As a versatile person, Arthur has a lot to offer on the table. Before he became a hairstylist, he used to work as a corporate trainer in the BPO industry. However, his innate creativity pushed him to seize the opportunity on creating content, creative writing… and, now hairstyling.

One of his humble beginnings started when one of his best friends, Mark Rosales, encouraged him to pursue hairstyling. Mark is a hair expert and the Chief Creative Director of Marqed Salon.

“He is my mentor and he opened up doors for me. From the connections to his guidance, he helped me how can I improve my craft.”

This becomes proof that being in the right circle can help you get far in life. From then on, Arthur upholds his philosophy in hairstyling. This, of course, includes making his muses and clients look and feel their best. Although gaining profit is a part of the goal of any other business, Arthur affirms that this feels more rewarding and fulfilling. Especially when he connects emotionally to his clients.

“I realized I enjoyed making someone look and feel better about themselves. I also love talking to people. So, if I can touch their lives by having a great look then I’d be very happy too.”

His growth mindset amidst the challenges

No challenges become too hard for Arthur’s growth mindset. Yes, he might be new to the industry. However, the biggest challenge for him revolves around being on par with the best hairstylists in the industry. The amount of dedication and artistry in his craft makes him score for all his clients. Especially, celebrities because he always puts their best forward in every opportunity given to him. If things don’t work for him, he doesn’t sulk and cries in the corner. Instead, he always seeks ways for him to be better at his craft. Amazing, right?

“I have a mantra of competing with myself because if you compare your progress with others. Then, that can eat up your confidence.”

Since there are a lot of hairstyling techniques that various hairstylists use, he is the kind of person who does not remain complacent. Because every day is a learning process. Keeping up with the trends, he always keeps his tabs open to see what he can improve. He applies this to his clients all while upholding his work ethic. This shows Arthur’s work through his unique technique, letting the client’s personality radiate through hairstyling.

“At the end of the day, you can always be stylish and forward-looking. But, it still has to be your personality and it has to be what suits you perfectly.”

Arthur and his treasured crafts

With Arthur’s artistic mind and magical hands, giving his client’s picture-perfect hairstyle. A sultry look and messy hair evoke sexiness which remains his favorite go-to. Take a look at his works and try to visit Arthur’s Instagram account for his double tap-worthy works:

He brings with him a core memory, making him think that hard works really pay off. One of his treasured memory includes Celeste Cortesi for the pre-pageant activities of Miss Universe Philippines. Another includes Gwen Fournioul for Miss World Philippines Coronation Night. Then, another includes Ashley Subijano for Miss Eco International. His craft makes him proud because both of his clients won the crown.

“I will always treasure that in my heart. I’m just so grateful that I was a part of their journey.”

Take aways.

As a hairstylist, Arthur is an instrument to people to make them look and feel beautiful about themselves. So, Arthur gives a piece of advice to aspiring hairstylists out there. He says to focus on your craft and seek guidance from God. And, if you feel that nothing goes your way, always remind yourself that:

“There is so much space in this world and what is meant to be yours will be yours.”

And, because sharing is caring, Arthur advised us to take care of our hair since it is our crowning glory. So, try using sulfate-free shampoos and use styling products that have fewer chemicals. And, in terms of styling, you already know Arthur’s technique that goes with your signature look⁠—your personality.

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