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Lengths of Change: From Long to Short Hair

Lengths of Change: From Long to Short Hair

People say that when you cut your hair, it is a symbol of going through a change. Maybe it is to get over a relationship or to let go of someone close to you. It’s probably because of a past that you want to leave behind. Or maybe you simply want to start as a new version of yourself. Whatever it is, it is admittedly a big change. Hair is usually one of the things you immediately notice on someone. 

Why Others Keep Their Hair Long

For some people, letting your hair grow long can bring some kind of determination to not cut it. They hold value to it so the idea of going to a salon or even letting a pair of scissors near them makes them feel like they are about to lose something important. It is like when Samson had his hair cut and he believed that his power was ripped off him. It can also be the seemingly ridiculous feeling like your intellect or sense will be gone.

Those are just mere worries because after you look in the mirror, you will realize that the change has happened. If you are fortunate, you will actually like your haircut and feel like you are worried over nothing. 

The Long to Short Hair Journey

What change is a person going through when they cut their hair four times in the span of four months? It’s not even just a simple trim.

In my case, I kept my hair long for years. When I decided to cut it and saw the result, I cried. That led to another two years of keeping it long because I was determined not to make the same mistake again. The thing about getting older, though, is that you will eventually begin to crave for a change. It’s then I’ve managed to drag myself back to the nearest salon.


It was a struggle not to turn back around and the hairdresser even asked me why I wanted to cut my long hair. I remember saying I wanted a change but back then, I thought I said it because I didn’t know what to answer properly. It turned out to be the actual reason. 

He cut my hair. I was fortunate because I liked the result and I did not cry. 

Embracing The Change

I decided to test my luck and see if I would still like the result if I had my hair cut shorter. The second time was a success. I liked that my hair dried quickly and didn’t tangle as much as it did before.  At that point, I was starting to feel impulsive, often thinking and talking about getting another haircut. My family and friends were teasing me that I would cry again. What I realized was that I wasn’t losing anything that wouldn’t come back again. It was hair. It will grow back. 

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I had my hair cut again for the third time. It was above my shoulders. I went back, unsurprisingly, for the fourth time until the hairdresser had to do an undercut and I couldn’t tuck the strands behind my ears. It was all in the span of four months that I was sure my younger self, who was hesitant about change, would freak out.

The person who I am today, still hesitant about change but slowly willing to accept, is laughing at her because she cried outside the salon. 

Change can either affect you positively or negatively but it always comes and goes. It is kind of like this: hair is what it is. If you are fortunate, you will like how your cut turned out. If not, you are still fortunate it will grow again.

It’s only a matter of time before you realize that you didn’t lose your beauty, your sense of identity despite the change you want for yourself.

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