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Style Inspo: Classic Outfit Ideas From Kelsey Merritt

Style Inspo: Classic Outfit Ideas From Kelsey Merritt

Looking for some style inspo? Or do you want to level up and explore different styles? You might want to consider old money, classy and sophisticated yet chic style. It may sound difficult and intimidating but it’s very easy! We got you! Here we have Kelsey Merritt’s classic outfit looks from her Instagram to help you style and dress. You wouldn’t want to miss out on her timeless fashion sense.

10 Classic outfit ideas to steal from Kelsey Merritt

Outfit #1

Classic outfits and looks always came from a good color combination. That’s why choosing the right color is a must! Just like this first outfit of Kelsey Merritt. She’s wearing a combination of brown, cream, and white outfit with a touch of black. A light brown turtle neck top underneath the cream blazer, white pants with a black belt, darker brown boots, and her cream Hermes bag and black sunglasses are such a chef’s kiss! This outfit screams perfection and every single clothes she’s wearing is totally a must-have!

Outfit #2

Easiest way to dress up? Choose an all-black outfit! Imagine oozing with confidence and classiness in black, this look and outfit of Kelsey Merritt are to die for! And if you look closely, it’s not hard to copy this whole outfit. She’s wearing a black knit long-sleeved oversized sweater, black trousers pants, a belt, flat shoes, branded handbag, and sunglasses. Very chic yet sophisticated! Indeed, you’ll never go wrong with black.

Outfit #3

From an all-black outfit, let’s switch to an all-cream outfit. This outfit is a perfect definition of formal yet casual attire. It’s giving a girl boss vibe! Wearing a cream blazer, a cream top, and cream skirt, heeled sandals, sunglasses, and a purse, Kelsey Merritt Strutt the NYC with a put-together look.

Outift #4

Looking good and feeling the sea breeze and fresh air, who wouldn’t know that a casual outfit can match the energy of the beach? Kelsey Merritt made it look effortlessly! Wearing a black tank top with a cream knit sweater on top, cream jeans with a belt, sunglasses, and shoulder bag, and barefoot on the beach, Kelsey Merritt looks like an expensive vacationer. Well, she is! Another must-have outfit look.

Outfit #5

This outfit and look of her screams perfection! You can feel her lady boss aura in this photo. She’s wearing a white top, a black blazer, black shorts with a belt, a shoulder bag, sunglasses, and black boots. Such a gorgeous outfit that compliments the energy of New York City. Can be a go-to outfit!

Outfit #6

Now, for a much more comfortable and laid-back outfit. This photo of Kelsey Merritt, wearing a cream knit turtle neck sweater, off-white pants, pointed heels, shoulder bag, and sunglasses is a minimalist look that anyone can pull off! If you want a comfy and uncomplicated outfit then you should steal this look.

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Outfit #7

Everyone can agree that black and white is the perfect combo of all time. Just like this outfit of Kelsey Merritt. She’s wearing a black top and a black blazer, white shorts with a black belt, sunglasses, and sandals. Such a good clothing staple.

Outfit #8

Okay, aside from blacks, whites, creams, and browns, now we have a different color combination outfit. Kelsey Merritt wearing a light blue striped button down pairing it with white shorts and black belt, sunglasses, and a bag. This whole look and outfit are giving old money aesthetic. It’s very classy and chic at the same time. Sometimes a pop of color is what your whole outfit’s looking for.

Outfit #9

This sophisticated and classic look is what we are here for! Kelsey Merritt is effortlessly stunning and perfectly matches her timeless and classic fashion style. Her outfit in this photo is so classy! Wearing a cream sleeveless turtle neck, white pants, doll shoes, a handbag, and sunglasses, she’s meant for this kind of style.

Outfit #10

Casual and basic yet still a sophisticated outfit? Well, this outfit of Kelsey Merritt is the best example! She’s looking gorgeous wearing a white button down, a cream long coat, denim jeans with a belt, doll shoes, a black handbag and of course we cannot forget her sunglasses.

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