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A Look into Eva Chen’s Outfit

A Look into Eva Chen’s Outfit

Being stylish and fashion-forward are just a few of the expectations people have for those who work in the fashion industry. Others assume that you are fashionable if you’re in this field. The same expectations if you headline Instagram’s fashion partnerships and previously filled a role as EIC and health and beauty editor in a magazine. This is plausible if you do it like Eva Chen.

Eva Chen’s profile on the social media giant is just one of her assets. Her wardrobe pieces could be considered fashion gems. She owns a variety of clothing with an array of styles, cuts, colors, textures, and details. She always comes up with an ensemble that we thought won’t work together. Whether it is for fashion weeks, runways, corporate events, or spending time with family, Eva Chen will pull it off fashionably.

She owned her spot on Instagram not just because of her work for the company, but also because of her IG feed goals. Who wouldn’t agree if her IG feed is filled with photos and videos giving us a glimpse of what it’s like working with the biggest names in fashion? Evan Chen’s snaps of her outfits posted on her feed is a virtual proof that fashion is life. As evidence, I curated some of her outfits on IG that made her a style maven.


Instagram | evachen212

Evan Chen dared to go all-out in a print-on-print outfit. At first glance, it looks identical, but the subtle difference in print sets it apart. To complete the print-on-print outfit, she finished the look with snake-print boots.


Instagram | evachen212

Leather trench coats and plaid coats may look boring on their own. Give a fresh look to the usual coats by combining both as one.

Puffy, constructed coat

Instagram | evachen212

This look teaches us that structure matters. A play in silhouette, size and cutouts adds dimension to your outfit. All these factors combined bring the edge to the ensemble.

Puffer jacket

Instagram | evachen212

The Puffer jacket seemed impossible to be worn stylishly. Eva Chen begs to disagree. She took it to the next level as she chose a complete set with matching shirt and pants.

Fun fur coat

Instagram | evachen212

Don’t be afraid to throw some fun in your outfit. The shaggy, colorful fur coat brought a bright and playful side to a casual shirt and jeans wear. Add more to the quirks by choosing a transparent sling bag.

Black structured wrap dress

Instagram | evachen212

Eva Chen went daring and sultry for this look. Go bold and sexy by wearing an oversized coat disguised as a mini dress. Define the waist by cinching it with a belt.

Multi-colored jacket

Instagram | evachen212

As seen in her other looks, coats, and jackets in loud, bright colors and prints is her fashion signature. She balance comfort and casual with unconventional jackets. This photo of hers clearly demonstrates this formula.

Violet fluffy coat

Instagram | evachen212

Eva Chen once again showcased funkiness in her outfits. This time, by wearing eye-catching colorful fur coats. The matching beanie, embellished jeans, and silver peep-toe heels topped it all off.

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Bright blue plaid coat

Instagram | evachen212

Isn’t evident that Eva Chen is a big fan of prints, colors, and fluffy coats? Her look definitely screams there is no excuse for incorporating bright colors and prints. For an extra wow factor, she chose a popping blue color.

Oversized Suit

Instagram | evachen212

Eva Chen demonstrated the right way of wearing anything oversized, without looking drowned in fabric. In a neutral oversized suit, she chose a straight, loose-fit silhouette. The straight cut of the suit created vertical lines that elongate and define the body.

Denim skirt and striped tee

Instagram | evachen212

Her denim skirt and striped button-downs are perfect for casual days. She constantly reminds us that prints are our best friends. Prints are not only for clothes, but they also go well with a pointed-toe slingback.

Leather-strapped skirt

Instagram | evachen212

If denim skirts are too common, then go for a leather one. Add an edgy vibe by choosing a leather skirt with buckled straps as seen on Eva Chen. Her “Gnocchi” statement shirt and chunky sneakers are vibes.

The fashionista in us shouldn’t just end as an entry for our IG. Make it fashion in and out of the gram, just like how the style maven does it. Read more of my articles through this link.

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