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Fashion Tips to Avoid Excessive Sweat in Clothes

Fashion Tips to Avoid Excessive Sweat in Clothes

Even if the rainy season comes upon us now, the heat index outside our homes is still too much for the body to handle. Sweat usually occurs upon exposure to excessive heat. Outfit picking can be very hard, especially considering the excruciating heat under the sun. With that, here are some fashion tips for you to avoid excessive sweating at your getaway gala. 

Cotton Clothes

Clothing, especially on tops, can be tough to determine considering if you are sweating a lot under the sun. However, cotton clothes and fabrics can be a big help for you in order to prevent sweating too much. So if you have problems with sweat stains in your outfits, choose cotton and related fabrics to stay pleasant and fresh under the scorching sun. 

Natural fabrics are generally more comfortable than other kinds of garments. Luckily, cotton fabrics or any natural fabrics serve as a sweat barrier. Cotton is regarded as the best fabric to protect against sweat for it helps your body to cool down. Silk and Wool can be an alternative to cotton too. 

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Color of the Outfit

If you are planning to avoid certain sweat marks or stains in your outfit, you might also consider the color of your clothes for the best results. Picking the perfect t-shirt color may sound simple enough but it can be troublesome for those who have sweat stain problems. If you are looking to wear something, try considering light or very dark-toned colors in your outfit. 

In looking for a solid color to wear, they should choose dark or very light colors to camouflage stains. Colors like navy blue, white, brown, and even pale pink go well as a way to prevent sweat stains from your clothes. It is not advisable to wear gray-colored clothes as these will highlight the stains in your outfit. 

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Soak that Sweat

Prevention is indeed better than cure. Luckily, There are pads specifically made to soak up underarm sweat. These conveniently adhere to garments and can be used in cases where other measures may just not be enough. You can also use special powders on your feet to prevent moisture build-up and irritation.

However, sweat can be inevitable. Bringing back up clothes can be the best solution in order to avoid sweat stains in your current outfit. It can also be wise to keep a stash of helpful products like absorbent pads, powder, and towels to avoid sweating, especially when you are on the road. 

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The Philippines is known for its hot climate, especially during peak seasons. However, these tips and guides to prevent too much sweat will certainly help any individual in their outfits. Look good and fresh at all times by preventing sweat stains in your clothes.
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