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INSTAGRAM RAID: AmandaRachLee the Bullet Journaling Artist

INSTAGRAM RAID: AmandaRachLee the Bullet Journaling Artist

Amanda Lee, popularly known as AmandaRachLee on YouTube and Instagram, plans her life through artistic bullet journaling. Furthermore, she shares art-related content to motivate people to become more creative. And, she draws perfectly straight lines without using rulers! 

In 2017, Amanda uploaded her first bullet journal setup on YouTube. Since then, bullet journaling became one of her greatest creative expressions. Moreover, she organizes and designs them differently every month. Amanda lays art and dedication in one go.

Planning Makes Life Perfect

As a public figure, Amanda’s day can be very hectic and stressful. Thankfully, she does bullet journaling, an activity where she organizes her busy life and channels her inner artist. Through this, her life becomes more breathable and creative.

Nothing is Impossible

Like a true artist, Amanda knows no bounds when it comes to creativity. Hence, she beautifies her bullet journals according to a variety of themes. From minimalist to intricate, she doodles and decorates effortlessly. 

“Stationery-obsessed friend”

Amanda loves stationery items. She owns a massive collection of washi tapes, markers, and stickers, among many others. This obsession of hers, without a doubt, comes in handy for her bullet journals and other creative activities.

A Creative Businesswoman

They say you should start a business out of the things you love. Clearly, Amanda understood the assignment as she established her own business out of her stationery obsession and love for bullet journaling. At Shop AmandaRachLee, she offers high-quality dotted notebooks, planners, washi tapes, and accessories such as tote bags and pencil cases. Amanda personally designed her products, and that’s the best part of her stationery business.

Amanda Lee overflows with artistic prowess. She uses bullet journaling as an outlet to communicate her art and spark more creativity in people. Moreover, her journals scream so much creativity and commitment. No wonder these crafts have helped her achieve bigger and brighter things in life.

More than that, she is loved by people for her pleasant personality and overall positivity. Perhaps, she has earned herself fans who love all things art and Amanda.

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