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Start your day with a flask of Sikat Brew & Pastry!


Start your day with a flask of Sikat Brew & Pastry!

Coffee has become an everyday necessity for many people. It has become a beloved beverage for its ability to fine-tune your focus and boost your energy levels. In fact, many people depended on their daily cup of joe right when they wake up to get their day started on the right foot. With that said, fight fatigue, increase energy levels, and start your day with a flask of Sikat Brew & Pastry

Start your day with a flask of Sikat Brew & Pastry! 

Owners Nea and Klaine admitted that they are not good at making coffee. However, they love coffee. They love the beverage so much that they cannot function without it. That became one of the reasons why they started up the business, centering around something that they both love. The name ‘sikat,’ on the other hand, relates to starting up one’s day.

Sikat is basically a Tagalog noun that describes the rising of the celestial bodies — the sun, the stars, and the moon. 

“[It comes] from our tagline, ‘Another Day, Another Sikat.’ You can drink [it] the whole day. So, from that, we came up with the name ‘Sikat.’ Also, for those who struggle with their everyday lives, we want to remind them that every ‘Sikat’ is available as their coffee partner.”

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Sikat Brew & Pastry.

Nea and Klaine have been together for seven years. And, just like everybody else, they were also affected by the pandemic. However, at the time, they have yet to actually come up with the idea of starting one. They were only focused on having some sort of normalcy back in their lives. With COVID-19 running for three years now, they also remain affected by it.

The idea of starting up a business started when they wanted some help to fund their wedding. Of course, starting up a business comes with a lot of struggles. This included the pandemic. In January 2022, they had to postpone the opening due to the COVID-19 surge. Then, they had a soft opening in February. However, their equipment remained limited due to the suppliers.

Say hello to the Sikat Rolling Cafe.

I love coffee — and, seeing a unique niche when it comes to businesses selling the beverage. With a little bit of research about Sikat Brew & Pastry, I saw Sikat Rolling Cafe which is a rolling coffee shop that remains reminiscent of street food vendors. 

“Actually, the concept of ‘Sikat’ is really a rolling coffee shop. We go to places. Then, we sell coffee. Yung kape na ‘yun lalapit sa’yo. Since may COVID, we still want to keep our customers safe. [But, at the same time,] they can still avail good quality coffee at a very affordable price. Sa mga na-observe naming businesses during the pandemic, nagsarado talaga sila since most are paying rents. That is why we wanted something where we didn’t need to pay rent. Parang fishball type. We haven’t started rolling in yet. But, we are planning soon.”

Aside from Sikat Rolling Cafe, another niche that they have includes the use of sustainable and usable flasks for their on-the-go coffee. When they launched Sikat, they offered hot and iced drinks. However, the thought of having customers far away from their location, they decided to have something that can reach far places in the Metro (and, also safe in terms of delivery). 

Their best-selling products and personal favorites.

Aside from its energizing effects and a long list of potential health benefits, coffee has given us more reason to wake up on the right side of the bed.

Their best-selling product is Caramel Macchiato, an espresso-based made with vanilla syrup, steamed milk, espresso, and caramel sauce. Nea and Klaine shared that when they had the first opening, their caramel macchiato brew had bad feedback. 

“When we received those feedback, we initially felt frustrated. However, we used that as a chance to improve. Na-challenge kami to make it better. We did a lot of product development [and tasting], hanggang sa makuha na namin ‘yung perfect formula and now, they are loving it. We are just so proud of its comeback.”

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As business owners, on the other hand, they have their own favorites. Klaine personally loves White Chocolate Mocha. It remains smooth, milky, and simple. The IT graduate also loves the way that the taste of coffee is still there.

Nea, on the other hand, loves the Sweet Americano as it gives her an extra boost for the day. The Psychology graduate also loves the Caramel Macchiato, drinking it whenever she has a lot of things to do at work. 

Nea and Klaine do it all — from brewing, to marketing, and to delivery. 

Sikat Brew & Pastry does manual brewing. They don’t use coffee machines which remains impressive. Aside from that, they also use locally-sourced coffee beans. They looked and bought Kalinga coffee beans to support the local coffee farmers. 

Since they haven’t started rolling the Sikat Rolling Cafe yet, people can find Sikat Brew & Pastry online. 

They cater delivery orders from Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 9 PM. During weekends, people can see them around Quirino 2A Quezon City. To know more about their pop-up locations, follow their Facebook and Instagram

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