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Ryzza Mae Dizon is now a lady — and she makes us feel so old

Ryzza Mae Dizon is now a lady — and she makes us feel so old

Our Little Miss Philippines is now lady. The 14-year-old Ryzza Mae Dizon has grown into a confident, beautiful woman. Being in the industry for almost seven years now, she has continuously maintain her sparkle as an actress and TV host.

In social media, she is one of the most followed celebrities of her age. She regularly posts photos on her Instagram account about her work, personal life, and hobbies.

With her achievements at such a young age, we can’t help ourselves but to feel old — yet feel inspired to do better.

We have gathered Ryzza Mae’s best Instagram photos, proving that she is now lady. PERIOD!

Ryzza Mae as Sun-Kissed Goddess


Look how adorable she is!

Oh girl, you have grown so much. We didn’t notice it!

Fresh & Glowing

Ryzza Mae

Barbie ka, ghorl?

Ryzza Mae

She bangs! She’s rocking this soft fringe hair look!

OOTD Queen

Ryzza Mae

Flowy dress and bright aura — perfect match!

Ryzza Mae

Antonio, ready my benz. I will go shopping, I am bored!

Ryzza Mae

Oh Dubai, you are so lucky!

As one of the hosts of the longest-running noontime show, Ryzza Mae surely knows how to interact with people. Aside from that, she has impressive long list of films.

Ryzza Mae is a real queen, I guess!

All photos from Instagram | @ryzzamaedizon
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