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Reasons Why “My Mister” is IU’s Best K-Drama

Reasons Why “My Mister” is IU’s Best K-Drama

Lee Ji-Eun, popularly known as IU, has been in the Korean Entertainment industry for over a decade. Along with her singing career, IU has acted in multiple movies and K-dramas. One of her K-dramas is My Mister (2015), in which she was the main lead. My Mister is about the emotional connection between two equally pain-struck individuals. Brilliantly choosing her role in this series as well,

Here are some reasons why My Mister is IU’s best K-drama

The storyline

The gripping storyline of My Mister captivates audiences from the very beginning. The drama follows the lives of three brothers who face various hardships while trying to survive in a tough and unforgiving world. IU portrays the character of Lee Ji-an, a young woman burdened with a grim existence as she struggles to make ends meet. Her path meets that of a middle-aged man named Park Dong-hoon, played by Lee Sun-kyun, leading to an unexpected and profound bond. The weaving of their stories and the slow-burn development of their relationship keep viewers engaged throughout the series.

My Mister | TVN | Poster

IU’s acting skills

IU’s outstanding performance in My Mister showcases her versatility as an actress. In this role, she sheds her pop idol image and fully immerses herself in the character of Ji-an. Her portrayal is raw, intense, and deeply moving, effectively conveying the complex emotions and struggles faced by her character. IU’s ability to express both vulnerability and strength, even with limited lines, makes her performance truly standout.

My Mister | TVN | Trailer

The soundtrack

There were a lot of scenes taken in the subway, and the OST serves as a backdrop for the intense emotions portrayed by the characters. It encapsulates the longing and pain felt by the protagonists as they navigate their difficult lives. The soft melodies and heartfelt lyrics perfectly capture the essence of the drama.

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It tackles relevant social issues

Beyond its outstanding performances, My Mister tackles important social issues that resonate with viewers. It sheds light on the struggles faced by workers in a competitive corporate environment, the concept of family and loyalty, and the impact of poverty on individuals. Through its nuanced storytelling, the drama invites viewers to reflect upon broader societal problems, creating a space for empathy and understanding.

The emotional depth of My Mister is another reason why I considered  it to be IU’s best K-drama. The drama delves into the hardships, regrets, and inner turmoil of the characters, evoking a range of emotions within viewers. It explores themes of redemption, forgiveness, and personal growth, leaving a remarkable impact on the audience. Each episode feels like an emotional journey, as viewers are taken through the highs and lows of the characters’ lives.This series showcases the incredible talent of IU as an actress and solidifies her position as one of the most versatile and respected artists in the industry.

Have I caught your attention yet? Watch the My Mister trailer here.

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