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OPINION: 5 Best Must-Watch Thriller KDrama

OPINION: 5 Best Must-Watch Thriller KDrama

An abundance of Kdrama is available on streaming platforms nowadays. These Kdrama go beyond the conventional genre. However, are you tired of watching endless hours of romantic-comedy drama? If you are, it’s about time to change your pace. This indicates it’s time to watch something more like a thriller, ominous and terrifying.

In addition to the well-liked melodramas and romantic K-dramas, South Korea also produces suspenseful thriller series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Therefore, if you are planning to watch Thriller KDrama, then this list is made for you. 

5. Mouse

Photo from Han Cinema.

What I love the most in Thriller Kdrama is that they can stand alone. These types of dramas do not depend on a romantic element to hook the viewers; Mouse is living proof of this. The 2021 drama Mouse centers on a terrible serial killer with ties to one of Korea’s most notorious murderers.

The story follows Jeong Ba-reum (Lee Seung-gi), a loyal police officer whose life is turned upside down when he meets a psychotic serial killer. To learn the truth about psychopathic behavior, he and his companion Go Moo-chi (Lee Hee-joon) thoroughly investigated this case.

4. Extracurricular

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Extracurricular is gloomy, spooky, and entertaining at the same time. The story is about making a terrible choice that has awful results. For me, the consequences of the characters’ actions really interest me in watching this. 

The story follows Jisoo (Kim Dong-hee), a model high school student immersed in a world of severe crime. He entered this unethical job to cover his university tuition fees. Thus, this results in a significant crime being committed. The plot boils up when a student shows interest in his secret. Therefore, he does whatever it takes—even if it means killing—to stop its blackmail.

3. Vagabond

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Unlike what I mentioned above, this thriller drama involves a romantic element. However, what I like the most about this drama is how it balances the thriller action and romantic elements. The audiences are not just hyped up because of the romance. But, they are also profoundly interested in action and the story’s corruption. 

The drama centers on Cha Dal-geon, a stuntman with aspirations of becoming a well-known action star. While attempting to act as his nephew’s guardian, his career is in shambles. One day, his nephew boards a flight from Incheon to Morocco for a taekwondo exhibition. However, when the plane his nephew was on crashes unexpectedly, his life is changed.

2. Dark Hole

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I am pretty sure that this drama will have audiences on the edge of their seats with a mystery, suspense, and dark fantasy story. This is why this drama is one of my Top 2 recommended thriller dramas. 

The story centers on Lee Hwa-sun (Kim Ok-bin), a detective who works for the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. One day, the person who killed her spouse calls her on the phone. She has been told to go to Muji City. As she goes there, people inhale an enigmatic, dark smoke that transforms them into monsters. Thereby, Muji City locals start to feel afraid. In trying to save those there, Lee Hwa-Sun is also looking for the person who killed her husband.

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1. Save Me

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And the top 1 on my must-watch thriller drama goes to Save Me. I think I am not the only one who will put this on the top of their list. Because of this drama’s blood-curdling thriller plot, everyone else will surely recommend this too.  

The story revolves around a family relocating to a suburban area. Soon after, they quickly run into members of a religious cult masquerading as a church. Later, the deceptive image of religion hypnotizes the parents. 

After being in the cult for many years, the daughter decides she wants to leave. The storyline went up when four young guys met the daughter in an alley. She then cries out save me.

Indeed, Kdrama continues to offer good entertainment in a variety of genres. Therefore, do not stick to watching only one specific genre because Kdrama has a lot more to offer. Try exploring something new, like thriller dramas. 

These are just some of the best thriller dramas. There are plenty of good thriller dramas out there. If you have watched one already, what is your personal favorite? Share it with us!

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