Products at SM Beauty Fair to give you “The Best of K-Beauty”

It’s time to not just follow our KPop and KDrama idols but get a glimpse of being them with these K-Beauty products they personally use!

K-fever goes hotter as Descorp Inc. joins the SM Beauty Fair: The Best of K-Beauty at SM Mall of Asia Atrium and introduces local and top Korean products from skin care to best-selling Korean idols’ scents. The event will last until this Sunday, 24th of September. So, get into your Korean-inspired OOTD’s and visit them!

Make sure to check out these products at SM Beauty Fair to give you “The Best of K-Beauty”


Let’s begin with this local brand, perfectly made for Filipino skins. QUICKFX features skincare products that are formulated in South Korea and matches Philippine weather for us all! Most of their products are lightweight and contains several purposes to address the concerns we have for our skin.

One of the highlights in the QUICKFX booth is their newest release, Glow Smoothies Line. This offers 2 products: ultra brightening serum and the serum cleanser. And true to its new line, QUICKFX also offers free refreshing popsicles for every purchase of the Glow Smoothies. Moreover, the brand allows their clients to have fun in their product pool for a minimum purchase of Php 2,000, plus a chance to win a ticket for the SB19 and Ben&Ben concert on Sunday.

Round Lab

This award-winning Korean skincare brand are perfect for those looking for a glass-skin staple but have a sensitive skin.  It highlights minimalist skincare formulated with natural ingredients found only in the Korean Peninsula, known as the beauty capital of the world. All our product lines are vegan, clean beauty, and have sustainable packaging that targets all skin concerns. Literally, natural!

Round Lab’s top product lines can be purchased in their booth until Sunday. They offer the Korea’s undefeated No. 1 Best Toner out of 10,000+ K-beauty brands for the past three years, 1025 Dokdo Toner from Dokdo Line.  Known for exfoliating dead skin cells while penetrating deep into the skin to hydrate and nourish it gently, clients looking for healthy and glowing skin goes after this. The brand also offers the Birch Tree Line, highlighting the Birch Tree Moisturizing Sunscreen. It deeply hydrates the skin, increases collagen production, reduces inflammation, and brightens the skin.

Furthermore, several other lines of Round Lab are also available in their booth such as acne and irritation-combatting Pine Cica Line; the Mugwort Line that fights skin redness and irritation; and Soybean Line that is known for wrinkle care and nourishing the skin, improving its elasticity.


Calling all K-ARMYs, NCTzen, Wannable, KDrama enthusiasts, and KPop lovers out there! Visit their booth and get to experience  Korea’s no. 1 Fragrance that KPop idols live and personally use. With over 30 scents to choose from, including fresh aqua, the whiff of blooming flowers to the sweet, fruity fragrance of strawberry, there’s always something for everyone. Each scent is perfect for every mood and most importantly for every OOTD!

WDressroom booth allows you to discover scents that are 99.9% anti-bacterial, water-based, and long-lasting. And these very scents gets onto the skins of our KPop idols as they personally use them! They got Jungkook’s No. 97 April Cotton and Taehyung’s No. 45 Morning Rain to let the Filipino ARMY extract the same scent as their idols. Meanwhile, Czennies can now smell NCT’s Jaemin with one of their best-selling No. 49 Peach Blossom.

Beauty of Joseon

It’s time to go back to the beauty regimens of Joseon era that we only see in many Historical KDramas, and fusing it with our modern beauty ingredients! The Beauty of Joseon takes the Best of K-Beauty with the elegant fusion of traditional beauty elements like Ginseng and modern ingredients to ensure a balanced and more improved performance on our skin. Visit the brand at SM Beauty’s The Best of K-Beauty and experience the royal skincare treats.

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Their booth features their top-selling products such as the Dynasty Cream made of several traditional herbal medicine. It suits extremely dry skin with its brightening, moisturizing, and protective rice extracts. Moreover, they offer their trending product, Matte Sun Stick that combines Camelia and Mugwort. This is perfect for sunscreen retouch without having your make-up damaged.


Wanna go green but still achieve the level of K-Beauty you want? Kaine would be the perfect answer! Featuring their 100% vegan products and sustainable packaging, the Kaine booth stands out in fresh green colors, pleasing to the eyes. They also display numerous rabbit stuffies to show their participation in the bunny movement that fights animal cruelty.

Meanwhile, as they continue to advocate for a greener movement, their products remain on the top of its game with their best-selling Kaine Sunscreen. It creates a hybrid protection effect, both physical and chemical to ensure holistic protection for its users. The brand also take pride in their Vita Drop serum known for its moisturizing performance, and the Chaga Collagen serum that uses mushroom extracts for skin firming.


Experience the heat of K-fever as Descorp Inc. lights up SM Beauty Fair: The Best of K-Beauty at SM Mall of Asia Atrium! 🇰🇷✨ Don’t miss out on local and top Korean beauty gems. Hurry, it’s on until this Sunday, September 24th! Time to rock your Korean-inspired OOTD and join the fun!” 🔥🛍️👗 #SMBeauty #KBeauty #Descorp #VillagePipol #VillagePipolEvents #VPMYourGuideToBeauty #VillagePipolMagazine #VPEvents #QUICKFX #RoundLab #WDressroom #BeautyofJoseon #KAINE

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It is truly fun to stan all our KPop idols and all our favorite KDrama stars, but nothing beats the thrill we could get from using the same scent and skin careproducts that they do. Let’s continue achieveing the best of K-beauty and visit them at SM MOA Atrium until this Sunday!

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