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5 Ways the K-Drama Summer Strike Brings Warmth and Healing

5 Ways the K-Drama Summer Strike Brings Warmth and Healing

Burned out by her exhausting work in the city, a young woman named Yeo-reum heads to a tiny shore town, where she meets a shy local librarian named Dae-bum. Desiring to be voluntarily unemployed and do nothing, she takes a strike to make a decision to move from Seoul to a small beach village known as Angok. Summer Strike is a slice-of-life drama focusing on the inevitability of suffering and happiness.

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Here are five ways that watching Summer Strike might make you feel warm and healed.

Its settings

It’s always refreshing when a K-drama’s setting moves away from the busy city of Seoul. It gives us a look at architecture, social categories, and all sorts of small-town stuff you just can’t get from a city-based story. Although Angok was not as smooth as Yeo Reum hoped, she still finds herself at a comfortable point in her life while enjoying the sea breeze, feeling the sand underneath her feet, and just doing nothing.

Summer Strike is not your typical romance drama

The romance plot was thoughtfully written. Just watching two introverts slowly getting to know each other was enough for me to finish this drama. With limited romantic scenes, Yeo-reum and Dae-bum showed their chemistry by just being vulnerable with each other. Summer Strike also showed more introspective lessons on life and happiness. It tackled how to be content even with the small things.

A good release of emotions

Summer Strike | ENA | Trailer

If you’re in the mood to cry your heart out, you have to watch Summer Strike. It was just so good to watch when a side character named “Bom”, someone who did not seem to care about anything and anyone allowed herself to show her vulnerabilities. So, get the tissues ready because you will definitely need them while watching this drama.

It has something to do with seasons!

The whole story, not just the main character, was associated with seasons. Yeoreum means summer. The dog’s name “Gyeoul” means winter while Bom means spring. In the drama, changing of seasons also means leaving the past and embracing whatever will be happening next. Afterall, it’s just a season, and it will change soon.

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Its top-tier OST

Finally, to top it off, the soundtrack was remarkable. The way the show wove the songs and background music into the story was fitting and perfectly set the scenes and moods. I especially like “A Strange Day” by JiHyo and “Color” by Sunnie.

Overall, the show depicts the everyday experience, the struggles of daily life and trying to find oneself during the process, and the stark portrayal of human nature’s good and bad sides.

Have I caught your attention yet? Watch the Summer Strike trailer here.

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