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Rating Filipino Street Games

Rating Filipino Street Games

Filipino Street Games are all entertaining in their own way. As a child, it is always what I look forward to doing before the day ends. It excites me to think about playing one of them after school! Now that we are getting older, maturing, and having other priorities, we do not have time and cannot play like before. However, this is how I would rate every street game I tried as a kid!


Eighth (8) out of ten (10). Piko is a game with simple rules; your feet should not cross the lines drawn. It is played individually, with each player taking turns. As a result, if there are many players, it will take a long time before your turn. It is also not as lively as other street games.

Tumbang Preso


Ten (10) out of ten (10), because it is one of the most exciting and fun Filipino games. All the players must hit the can with a stone or slippers to knock it out. The player or ‘taya’, responsible for guarding the can, will then put the can back in position. And then other players must get their slippers without being touched by the taya to avoid becoming the game’s next taya.


Ten (10) out of ten (10). This is a game in which two groups compete: those who throw the ball and those who avoid it. You’ll be exhausted after playing this because of the constant running to avoid the ball. It’s a fun game that students enjoy playing after class!

Luksong Baka


Seven (7) out of ten (10). Luksong baka is entertaining, but it can be dangerous to play. It is played by jumping over a player’s back as he bends forward, this player is called the ‘baka’ or cow of the game. The baka will start by kneeling down, gradually rising after each round of play. Furthermore, players should avoid touching or falling over the baka player when jumping over.

Luksong Tinik

Seven (7) out of ten (10). It’s similar to luksong baka, but you play with your hands this time like it is a thorn or tinik. There are two ‘taya’ or players who will join their hands and feet to allow other players to jump over it. It’s a fun game, but jumping over the hands or fingers can cause injury if they land on them incorrectly.

Langit Lupa

Seven (7) out of ten (10), a game that will frustrate you when your playmates refuse to move from the safe location they discovered. It is a game in which one player, or the taya, must tag other players while they are on the “land” or levelled ground (lupa). Furthermore, you cannot touch a person if they are high off the ground or even if they are standing on a slightly elevated place, so they will remain there until you focus on another target.

Maiba, taya

Photo | UP Preschool Practitioners

Ten (10) out of ten (10). Maiba-taya is a game in which one hand from each player are placed face up or down, whichever side is the majority are eliminated from playing and are now safe. This continues until only one player is left, who afterwards will chase any of the players and touch a part of their body to transfer the role of “taya” to that player. It’s an exciting game but also very exhausting. Nonetheless, this is the most popular and widely played Filipino street games among children.

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Chinese Garter


Nine (9) over ten (10). Two groups compete in the Chinese garter, one holding the garter and the other attempting to jump over it. Because a garter is not always available, they use rubber bands and bind them together to create a rope-like object. Although entertaining, the only people who will enjoy it the most are those who can jump high enough because the garter gradually rises level by level.


Ten (10) out of ten (10), This is one of my favorite street games. It is interactive in a way that all players must move carefully and requires awareness of their surroundings. You can only play this if there are two groups, and also, the more players there are, the more fun it is.


Photo | Steemit

Ten (10) out of ten (10). Although it is not a particularly interactive game, everyone seems to enjoy Teks is played differently depending on how the player wants to play it. While playing this, you can either gain more teks or lose all of your teks. Even so, some are willing to give you teks!

Filipino games are all a great deal of fun! Games not only entertain children and adults, but they also help us learn camaraderie, be healthy and active, and develop friendships on the streets. Have you tried all of the games mentioned? I hope so! Because these games and experiences are the most memorable things you will surely cherish as you grow older.

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