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So, you’re reading heavy angst… are you okay?

So, you’re reading heavy angst… are you okay?

Heavy angst is a genre that is usually used for fanfictions and is heavily focused on dark, dramatic, and even depressive emotions or moments. Reading heavy angst is definitely not for everyone. But for those who read such works of fiction… why? Why do you do it to yourself? And, most importantly, are you okay?

I have a confession to make. I, too, read heavy angst. And after finishing such work, I cannot help but ask myself why I still do it. I have several reasons, of course, why I choose to read works from this genre. And even though I could not speak for the majority, I am hoping that a fellow heavy angst reader will get to identify with a few of my reasons. But, if you are just an ordinary reader who wants to know why we read heavy angst, you are welcome to read on.

Heavy Angst Helps You Experience Other Life

Heavy angst is not just about making the readers cry in their beds at 3 AM. It also talks about the heavy things that not all of us experience. This genre may tackle personal, social, and mental health issues that we may not be that knowledgeable of. Reading about and going through it in a work of fiction will get one to learn, think, and empathize more with those who experience such issues.

It Slaps You With Reality

Reading and experiencing such heavy and dramatic life will make one realize that life is not just rainbows and colorful fields. Life does suck. But, it will also make one feel grateful. Going through someone’s fictional life filled with angst may make one think that life is not as hard for themselves as it is for others. Regardless of how heavy angst will leave one feeling in the end, it will surely give readers a huge slap of reality.

Heavy Angst Makes You Grow

Sometimes, while reading heavy angst, one cannot help but identify with a few characters in the story. And reading about their choices and how they react to their experiences will really teach readers valuable life lessons. This, in turn, will prepare or even guide one once they are in that angsty experience.

And, like what was said above, being able to read and live through a fictional life that one does not really experience will deepen the sense of what they do not know. Learning about things that one is clueless about, and understanding them, will always be beneficial for personal growth.

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It Gives You A Good Cry

Sometimes, all we need is a really good cry. And, reading heavy angst that takes the sadness up to a notch is a perfectly good reason to shed some tears. This genre can be an outlet for some that allow them to get in touch with their low emotions without having to go through the actual angsty experience.

There you have it, a few reasons why I personally decide and enjoy reading heavy angst works. Considering they all mean well, maybe reading heavy angst and voluntarily crying our eyes out is not as borderline concerning.

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