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Purchase #TheFlaskThatMatters in this advocacy-driven online shop

Purchase #TheFlaskThatMatters in this advocacy-driven online shop

Bukas Flask’s aim is more than just quenching thirst and keeping its customers hydrated 24/7. More than gaining profit, they serve with a greater purpose that benefits unfortunate communities in the country.
Bukas Flask was conceived out of our frustrations with the various systemic problems in the country, we’ve realized that a lot of the problems that we have can be fixed if we can help create a well-informed and educated population, our advocacy is geared towards helping make education accessible and equitable for all through the sale of various sustainable commercial goods(both good for the environment and good for the country), such as our vacuum flasks, we intend to expand our product line and categories in the coming months.

 Bukas Flask and its goals

Their main focus is on education, as they are firm believers of our youth being the foundation of this society’s future. Ultimately, they are hoping that this gesture inspires and empowers entrepreneurs to venture into social entrepreneurship, harnessing the power of collective action, and create a bigger and lasting impact.
“2 things we want to achieve by selling Bukas Flask: 1 is the social impact aspect, we want to encourage and empower more people to start helping out(regardless of the scale of their initiative), 2. is choosing to reduce the use of single-use plastic, we already know how bad plastic is for our environment, so we want to provide them with an avenue to become more environmentally-conscious.”
Bukas Flask sells two variants of insulated bottles presented in clean and aesthetic colors and sizes. They know that design is as important as functionality as consumers are now making more conscious choices in selecting a product that can offer both.

Environmentally-conscious lifestyle

Vacuum Flask/Insulated Tumbler is a good starting point to eventually live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, by purchasing you’re making conscious (and logical) decisions.
“Beyond that is the functionality and practicality of it, vacuum flasks like ours can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot up to 12 hours, this means that through the use of the product we can reduce the number of times we have to heat and reheat our drinks, or even reduce the need to constantly produce or purchase ice.”
As a promise, they’ve made their flasks with the same quality as the leading flask brands, but at a more affordable price point, sealing their commitment to enact social change through the organizations they are supporting.
“By supporting us, you’re not only supporting a Filipino-owned small business, but you’re also supporting our mission of making education equitable and accessible for all, especially those from far-flung communities.”
We admire businesses that serve their people. Go and purchase #TheFlaskThatMatters now! You may check it out on Lazada and on its Instagram page.
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