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The cutest, dainty pots and coasters you can find here in Speckled Studio

The cutest, dainty pots and coasters you can find here in Speckled Studio

Speckled Studio is the brainchild of students taking up Architecture and Interior Design specializing in the relationship between people and their built environment. They saw how the pandemic has impacted our everyday lives and how our spaces shaped our behavior and well-being.
Since a lot of us are going for home and room improvement projects, they knew to channel their creative juices into stuff that can benefit others, by bringing life through their handmade pots and coasters.

“This shift has pushed us to think about how we use the spaces we call home and how we can change them. We believe that colors have a powerful effect on our perceptions and moods. Think of a white room, think about how you can bring life to the room without making complete renovations or changing the walls or fixtures. We thought about how piece by piece, our colors can bring a sense of playfulness in everyone’s homes without compromising the overall aesthetic.”

Let’s admit it, we look for both functionality and design whenever sprucing up our surroundings. We want to feel homey, and pleasing to the eye.
Speckled Studio uses terrazzo as a building material. Other than it being their favorite material to work with, they thought that this offers a wide range of color combinations that suit almost every type of space.
This way, their products can convey different meanings and evoke specific emotions.

“Different hues help in finishing the overall desired look of the space and can define the personality of our consumer. Our curated color palettes all mean to evoke a certain theme or feel. As an example, our tropical dreams and sea mist collections all evoke a beachy and summer vibe without having to see those words written on it. The colors immediately remind us of happy experiences without having to go outside of our homes. This is the power of color that we wish to impart to our clients.”

As future experts of their chosen field, Speckled Studio owners understand the effect of accessorizing and curating the color palettes on the overall mood of our clients which is why everything is made to order to ensure the quality and its personal touch among buyers.

“We offer customization of colors according to their spaces and needs, ever purchase is very much appreciated and it pushes us, even more, to study this craft and explore the different possibilities.”

Handcrafted and unique are the promises of Speckled Studio’s pots and coasters. It can easily reflect your personality and instill positive vibes across the room.

“The coasters are the most fun to make because we also never know how each piece would turn out! It’s almost always a surprise!”

Speckled Pots come in three sizes and prices vary in design. For their best-selling coasters, you may DM them for your preferred look!
Go ahead and splurge on their Instagram page and give your space the life it so much deserves.
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