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OPPO becomes the center of Milan Fashion Week in collaboration with ACT N°1

OPPO becomes the center of Milan Fashion Week in collaboration with ACT N°1

OPPO reigns as one of the world’s leading companies in the field of smart devices. It is once again at the center of Milan Fashion Week 2023. This happens to be one of the most awaited international events in the fashion scene. Well, thank the new collaboration with ACT N°1.

Under the spotlight, the new OPPO Find N2 Flip symbolizes OPPO’s dedication to supporting young talents in the fashion industry. This enhances its flagship features, embellished by the exclusive ruffle bag created from the designer Luca Lin’s iconic tulle.

Subsequently, the collaboration was created with the aim of celebrating the perfect union between fashion and technology. Also, attention to detail and product exclusivity.

A value unites the two protagonists of the fashion show and that can be enclosed in OPPO’s brand mission. “Inspiration Ahead” is the continuous effort to improve today’s reality that OPPO translates into innovation and beauty of its products. Second, ACT N°1 through the creation of inclusive models that are always inspired by art.


In this way, Milan Fashion Week becomes the perfect setting to demonstrate how technology is not only creativity. It also serves as an increasingly fundamental part of the creative process.

The essence of OPPO and ACT N°1 is tangible in each of their creations. They concretely translate their values and leave an indelible imprint linked to a strong connection. Just think of their own history and at the same time an eye to the present, especially to the future.


“Fashion is about expressing a style. In our time, fashion needs to open up to different collaborations to create synergies and a storytelling. This collaboration is about the balance between innovation and elegance, free creativity and functionality, interiority and aesthetics, power and lightness.”, said Luca Lin, Cofounder of ACT N°1.

The combination of materials, colors, and design gives shape to a unique and functional union. The smartphone’s lightweight but premium materials are intertwined with the transparency of handmade tulle. This becomes in addition to being the iconic and recurring material of the fashion brand. It allows you to see the smartphone cover and its innovative vertical screen further embellishing the design.

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The OPPO Find N2 Flip’s indeed sleek and elegant style, delicate camera design, and device body are just some of the features that are highlighted by ACT N°1’s craftsmanship. Just like the new OPPO Find N2 Flip, the ruffle bag aims to be practical and functional. This happens without forgetting style and originality.

Technology and fashion evolve in step with the needs of consumers, changing shape and characteristics, researching, and developing a product that meets the real needs of the moment. Therefore, the perfect balance becomes a key element to achieve the best results in terms of quality and satisfaction. OPPO, by creating the Find N2 Flip, has developed the best technologies, creating a premium and high-performance foldable device, without sacrificing aesthetics, a common element with ACT N°1.

“The technological excellence achieved with the new Find N2 Flip consolidates an important growth path in the flagship category, allowing us to enter the flip market. As a result of our consolidation in co-branding partnerships, the collaboration with ACT N°1 is intended to be the first act of a show that allows us to continue to oversee and strengthen our positioning in the fashion world. Having the opportunity to support new generations of young talents enriches our history and broadens the search for new areas of expansion” said Billy Zhang, President of Overseas Sales and Services, OPPO.

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