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Must Read: Game Series about Lawyers by Beeyotch

Must Read: Game Series about Lawyers by Beeyotch

Game Series by Beeyotch

Have you ever dreamt of entering law school but do not know what awaits you there?

Well, Game Series by Ariesa Domingo, popularly known as Beeyotch, will give you a glimpse of law school life in her stories.

But here’s a catch, this series is more than that.

A Law student Author

Ariesa or Beeyotch is a San Beda Law Student and a famous author from Wattpad, an online social reading and writing platform.

She started writing back when she was a 3rd-year high school in Creative Corner, now a defunct site.

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“My friend dared me to write my own story. I did. I received my first comment, and I remember how nice that felt. I’ve been writing since then.”

With her stories’ unpredicted plot twists and heavy drama building up intense emotions, her readers grew into millions, anticipating her next stories.

Beeyotch has always wanted to write something related to law. Her first attempt at writing about law school was her story ‘Just this Once.’

She remembers struggling in writing because she has no idea what is happening inside the law school.

Not until she went to law school.

Entering law school made her stop writing stories for a while but being able to adjust as a law student got her back on track.

“After a while, when I was well-adjusted, I began writing Game Series to show people what happens in law school–the struggles and the victories alike.”

From this day on, Game Series was born.

Game Series

Game series are different stories set in the world of law school, legal terms, and procedures.

The main characters in the books are law students who, aside from having romantic relationships, also face legal issues as the story progresses.

Those legal issues include annulment, homicide, sexual assault, self-defense, human trafficking, video voyeurism, and disbarment.

The stories are more than just surviving law school, but it also tackles professional responsibilities as a lawyer and the rules of court.

Game Series by Beeyotch

The touch of romance and the complicated legal problems that happen in reality today make reading emotional-wrecking yet informative.

Game series is not an ordinary story that everyone can read as it can be uncomfortable for some.

Likewise, a disclaimer is always there for people who might be sensitive to the legal issues presented in the stories.

The series is currently on its 9th installment, with the title ‘Hate the Game.’

Writing based on Experience

Beeyotch said that writing Game Series was fun and quite stressful at the same time.

She knows that many of her readers are impressionable they trust her to be truthful. So, she makes sure that what she writes mirrors reality.

 “I try to make the story reflect what happens in real-life law school. I think the struggle is just me having to review the concepts again to see if they will be mentioned in the story. I don’t want to spread misinformation.”

Being a writer comes with responsibility, so she double-checks and reviews the topics she includes in the story.

A Piece of her

Since she is a law student, the characters she made have a little piece from her when they are in law school.

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 “I based their struggles on the struggles I really did go through. The bokya recits, the surprise quizzes, the feeling of despair, the little wins and victories–they’re all pieces of me.”

Even putting a piece of who she is in her characters, she still ensures they will have their own identity.

Among the characters, she aspires to be is Rory from In Love With The Game book.

“She was going through the worst time of her life, but she still managed to pass the BAR exam. And she did prove herself when she started working in a law firm.”

Ariesa believes that Rory, in her story, deserved all the success she got because she worked hard for it.

For the Author, seeing people who worked hard get the rewards they deserve is admirable.

To take a risk at Law School

Through her works, the law student author wants her readers not to be afraid of law school.

“Before, I used to think of law school as this far-fetched dream. I do hope that with Game Series, they’d see that yes, law school is hard, but also, not entirely impossible.”

Studying law requires a lot of time, but despite this, she still creates stories because she treats writing as her break.

After all, she still prioritizes her studies, and she is glad that her readers understand that.

You can read her stories at or in her Wattpad account ‘Beeyotch’ as well as on Patreon.

In addition, you can purchase her self-published books on her Facebook account: Eydee Aldea Sandoval and her traditionally published books via Summit online shops.

Learn about law school with Beeyotch’s Game Series!

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