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What’s The Deal On #BookTok?

What’s The Deal On #BookTok?

As trends continue to thrive on social media most especially on Tiktok, what trends have you done already? The newest and yet influencing platform that engages people of varying ages. How so? The reason being is that we want to escape from the sad reality of the pandemic. That is why we’re glad that the BookTok community was born.

Has Tiktok already Influenced you to read any of these books?

If so, let me shake your hands because I’m glad that you caved into one of these meaningful trends!

Trending Books on Tiktok
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Though we can’t deny that the pandemic came in full shock to all Filipinos, it resulted in a major paradigm shift. These changes were then manifested from national down to the very personal businesses of the people in coping with the pandemic.

Tiktok opens the BookTok Community

That is why during months of being prisoned in the comforts of our home we seek any entertainment available to us. And Tiktok gave us a worthwhile enjoyment we deserve amidst the pandemic.

I can still remember where it all started; from the famous Dalgona coffee making to sharing workout routines, trending dances, singing duets, fashion styling, and even book reading. I can’t enumerate each of them but I’m sure that these trends on Tiktok help us cope with the so-called new normal.

@aaliyahreads #booktok#bookworm#books#aaliyahreads#enemiestolovers#fyp @aymansbooks ib: @abigailbarlowww ♬ original sound – 🙂

The Newest Community

In the Year 2021, Tiktok welcomes the newest community made by bookish people on the internet called #BookTok. These are basically videos about sharing their insights, and takeaways from books they’ve read to recommending all sorts of genres. Even joining the different challenges, one of them is the #NewBookChallenge which gives you the opportunity to show all the books you’ve bought, read, and stirred up your emotions because of BookTok.

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@richtengco New book challenge 📖 #fyp #booktok #books #reader #booktokph #bookclub ♬ original sound – twobookbitches
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‘BookTok’ is growing faster than you think

While some may think that this community is only for geeks and nerds, you had it all wrong baby! #BookTok community has continuously raised its popularity. You might ask why? Only because this community comprises diverse people that have the advocacy to find enjoyment in reading. These short videos posted on Tiktok not only contribute to the avid readers and beginners but also help the publishing company, and authors, to easily promote their business.

Are you already part of this community, if so I want to know what book you recently read? Mine is one of Coleen Hover’s books which is ‘It Ends With Us‘. My heart was so hooked to it. If you’re a beginner and planning to start your reading journey, you can try reading self-help books to give you some personal and intimate time with yourself.

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