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My thoughts on Korean drama ‘Law School,’ a review

My thoughts on Korean drama ‘Law School,’ a review

Law School takes long peeks of twist and turned moments. Adored by many with its high ratings that even climb Netflix top ranking list. If you haven’t watched the drama yet, take this as a guide. For you to know the key points and highlights. Even if you’re not a law student, you can still relate to the situations of every character presented in the drama.

Law School sneak peeks:

Consists of four main characters namely Yang Jong-hoon, Han Joon-hwi, Kang Sol A, and Kim Eun-sook. Set of law students who were involved in unusual murder cases alongside their professor. The prestigious Hankuk University popular for its reputation shocked the people on the death of senior professor Seo Byung-Ju. The primary suspect Yang Jong-hoon that follows Han Joon-hwi (nephew of professor Seo Byung-Ju).

My thoughts on Korean drama ‘Law School,’ a review
Ahjummamshie | Law School Cast

Moreover, the series involves the tangled twist of every character’s life and personality. Yang Jong-hoon is also known as “Yangcrates” plays as the strict and radical teacher of Hankuk Law school. A former prosecutor-turned-professor doesn’t mingle around. He usually gives difficult exams that can hone the students’ perspective of law. He wants his student to be able to understand the law well and contribute to it meaningfully.

The series involves complex yet mind-blowing scenarios that make you wanna say, “It’s driving me crazy” just like its theme song by Safira. 

Struggles that students can relate

No doubt! Kang Sol-A’s character presented a realistic struggle of students who came from poor family backgrounds. It reminds me of the days I’m struggling too. However, despite the insecurity that she feels around her wealthy colleagues, she doesn’t give up to be a good student. She whines a lot if she can’t understand the lessons, releasing her frustrations.

Omnitos | Kang Sol A

On the other hand, my most favorite scene is where Yangcrates ask her if she would defend bad people. The scene entails a wide and logical perspective of how the law works. Lawyers have a duty to fulfill in society. That’s why human rights exist in society as it gives every people a reasonable doubt. After all, all people who were accused can’t be considered criminals unless proven by the court.

The reality in our society

Jeon Ye-Seul’s character makes me wanna scream ‘girl power!’ Her character reflects how unfair society when it comes to scandals. Her relationship with her boyfriend Ko Yeong-Chang becomes toxic as the abuse turns out to be true. At first, she was confused if it’s because of love. But, as the series moves along it turns out that her boyfriend manipulates her just to get what he wants.

Ready Staedy Cut | Jeon Ye Seul

Nonetheless, when everything went south to the both of them. Ye-Seul’s character struggles a lot as no lawyer wants to defend her in court due to her boyfriend’s father. A wealthy and very influential man who makes everything seems fine even if reeks and rotten inside.

She defended herself even if no one wants to defend her. True girl power indeed! Ye-Seul uses her voice as a woman and a law student to prove that she will not sink in an ocean full of sharks.

I rate this k-drama series a 9 out of 10. It gives a lesson to everyone and reflects how the law works when it comes to economic status, gender and education. This proves that we can defend ourselves in different ways.

Try to watch this series and give us your own feedback! Enjoy watching.

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