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MOVE ON PH: A metaphor of one’s ever-changing fashion and style

MOVE ON PH: A metaphor of one’s ever-changing fashion and style

When was the last time you looked at an old photo and you laughed so badly seeing how you were dressed that time? As you see your old self from head to toe into that photo, you realized something: you have changed over the years, and, same as through as your sense of fashion and style.

The million-dollar question now is: How do our sense of fashion and style evolve?  How do we move on from one style to another?

Over time, the new replaces the old. In a nutshell: this new environment and its culture are great factors in what senses of fashion and style we’re going to grace in.

Social media has influenced our decisions on what clothes we put on our backs nowadays. However, it’s still important that our ever-changing fashion and style should always interconnect with our personalities. Upon exploring Instagram lately, I’ve met the proprietor of Move On, a clothing brand that represents modern yet timeless style, and a fashion collection that breaks the mold of a typical Filipino sense of style.


The best ways to know a certain brand and its fashion ethics are by meeting the owner and striking a conversation with them. For more than one week of preparing this story, I had the chance to meet and exchange conversations with Mario “Marco” Theros, the man behind the clothes of Move On. As the said brand celebrates its 5th anniversary in the fashion business, let’s take a look at Marco’s journey in entering the world of fashion and business.

Fashion delivers a special message about a person. It is a language without words.”
– Marco Theros, 2021

In a short period of time, I began to understand what Move On represents as a clothing brand. I realized that it represents an inspiring story of starting a new journey, even if it makes you feel alone, scared, and betrayed.

In relation, Marco shared his experience with a staff member who tried to imitate and copy his brand. But, that betrayal doesn’t stop Marco from keeping the brand grow. That’s why the clothing brand is called Move On because whatever happened in his journey, one still needs to persist and become the best version of themselves.  

When I asked Marco about the aftermath of that betrayal, he said,

“It strengthens me in a way. I think pain has a way of making me humbler and wiser.”


Photographed by Charvin Torne

Read this interview with Marco. Be inspired to work and have the courage to achieve greater heights in life. Most importantly, on how to evolve your sense of fashion, in a “Move On” way.

What inspires you to start this business?

“The simple answer is: I like clothes. I [got] fascinated by the shirts I bought abroad, and I just got an idea to sell them and created a Facebook page. I didn’t realize [that] I’m already starting it. And then, I started selling the Terno, which is still my core product because I wear it.”

Photo by Move On (The Move On Signature Terno)

How old are you when you realized that this is the path you wanted to take?

“I can’t say that this is the path I wanted to take because it was not my dream to sell clothes. My goal was to be a Film Director. But I can say I’m enjoying it. How old was I when I realized I was enjoying it? [I was] 21 when I noticed our products had found their market niche and were being patronized. Our network on Facebook was getting bigger. We got a lot of compliments and good reviews from the consumers.”

But I am still open to where this is going to bring me. I think I’m an entrepreneur by heart. I don’t want to limit myself to fashion. Right now, I love the idea of selling. Recently, I branched out to Ultra Fit coffee, which is a slimming and detoxifying coffee product.”

They said that in everything you lose, you gain something. But when you gain the success of Move On PH, what did you lose?

“My sanity, (Hahaha…) I wish I had more time with my parents, who are based in the province, but I’m trying to find a balance between business and family.”

As the owner of this brand, how do you deal with Filipino stereotypes that men shouldn’t put up a business that deals with fashion because it’s not a very manly business?

“I don’t think this stereotype is as strong today as it was in the past. If you navigate the online fashion businesses, you will find many young men who are into the fashion business. How do I deal with this? I refuse to be limited by this stereotype.”

What makes Move On PH a successful brand?

“Successful makes me uncomfortable. I’m getting there, or better yet, I’m on my way there, but really anything can happen. For instance, this pandemic has affected businesses like mine.

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Move On is where it is because it clearly knows its market and is not afraid of all the possibilities.”

What would be your advice to people who also want to put up their own clothing brand?

“Don’t overthink, have a road map, watch, listen and pray, then DIVE IN FEAR.”

Photo by Move On

Today, collections from Move On can be seen on the backs of local celebrities like Iñigo Pascual, RK Bagatsing, Darren Espanto, Ronnie Alonte, Boy Abunda, Richard Yap, Fino Herrera, Vern Ong, Van Allen Ong, Jovani Manansala, and Joaquin Manansala.

Some items from his newest collection boost the appeal of Paolo Ballesteros, That’s My Bae members, Asian Artists Agency, Inc. talents Mastermind, Miko&Gab, Eian Rances, and Hashtag Wilbert Ross, as well as Nash Aguas, Joaquin Reyes, John Bermudo, Grae Fernandez and Brace Arquia.


Photo by Move On (Move On’s physical store)

It’s true that one of the best ways to express our emotions and personality is through our choices in clothes. It’s important to choose a brand like Move On that doesn’t only represent unique clothes and a fashionable collection, but a story that makes you more eager to grow and persist in life, and to never be afraid about the future.

So why move on?

Because it gives as the space for expansion. In fashion, we move on with Move On because as the world changes, we also evolve as individuals. We leverage our style and develop our personality.

In life, in general, we move on because many things are yet to come to our lives, many experiences are yet to unfold in between our journeys. And we will never know what these things are if we never allow ourselves to be open.

Yes, we never know what our future holds, that’s why it’s important to stay present and condition ourselves for it. It is best to accept the inevitable and strengthen what’s vulnerable. Then, move on in life, without forgetting that you have a unique style that sets you apart from the crowd.

“Move On, but make it fashion!”

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