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Megumi Takoyaki brings affordable, authentic flavors to our tables

Megumi Takoyaki brings affordable, authentic flavors to our tables

Are you a fan of all things Japanese? We know we are! Just imagine our excitement when we’ve got try Megumi Takoyaki’s products that instantly took us to a trip to Japan and back with just a bite of their best-selling Octobits!

A talk with Megumi Takoyaki

Owners Lean and Mary Dane Luengo shared why they came up with the business of takoyaki, “Megumi Takoyaki was inspired by the idea of bringing budget-friendly but authentic Japanese takoyaki experience without going personally to Japan.”
They named it like that because “Megumi” which means in Japanese is “Blessing” and this business came to them as an answered prayer from God.
The couple also shared that this is also their way of coping to the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, where unemployment continues to rise and a lot are opting to create their own small businesses at home to thrive.
“First of all, if we think of its practical perspective especially during this health crisis, this business venture has provided us to cope with financial expenses particularly in our daily needs. Taking risks in these times does not guarantee success, but it will be a good avenue for growth and learning.”
Megumi Takoyaki’s best-selling Octobits come in three servings: 10 pieces, 12 pieces, and 16 pieces, depending on customers’ cravings or mood in terms of sharing!
Price starts at P110 and they are now available for orders nearby Pureza via the Foodpanda app!
“Our products conforms with the standards set by the Food and Drug administration ensuring that all ingredients were meticulously selected and only considered fresh raw ingredients.”

Quality and fresh products guaranteed

Lean and Mary Dane promise of bringing authentic Japanese takoyaki to their clients. In addition, they also committed themselves to satisfying the customers by exploring and improving the products regularly to serve them better.
To this date, they still are overwhelmed by the support and bulk in orders. However, they are grateful for all those who’ve tried and came back for more.
For them, returning customers encourage them to keep going and continue on achieving their goals in life as a married couple.
“Honestly, we didn’t know that our business will “click”, especially because of the different gaps and tastes of this generation. At first, we were afraid to test new waters during this pandemic since we almost lost our Tapsilogan Business due to a lack of customers. We just pray harder every day to give us strength and peace of mind, to cope with our bills and our daily expenses for our daily needs.”
Head on over to their Instagram or Facebook page to taste this affordable yet authentic Japanese treat for yourselves!
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