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‘Marimar’ star Thalia wants to collaborate with K-Pop group BLACKPINK

‘Marimar’ star Thalia wants to collaborate with K-Pop group BLACKPINK

In an interview with Forbes, latin pop superstar and the original Marimar, Thalia expressed her admiration to South Korean pop group BLACKPINK. The 48-year-old singer-actress is a certified Blink, saying Kill This Love as her favorite song.

“I love BLACKPINK!” she remarked.

As a matter of fact, she also expressed her desire to collaborate with them in the future.


“That’s my next collab—that should be my next f**king collab… You’re hearing it first! Let’s do it, I’ll DM them. And then let’s do promo there,” she said.

On the other hand, Thalia pointed out that K-Pop and Latin music have similarities.

“They love dance, they’re very passionate about our culture, I feel like they understand our aura. Now, I’m excited!” she said.

At her age, Thalia is still one of the most in-demand artist in Latin music industry. She is famous in the Philippines for her soap operas Marimar, Maria Mercedes and Rosalinda.

In fact, BLACKPINK is rumored to have a comeback this year

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is also rumored to have a collaboration with pop icon Lady Gaga for her upcoming Chromatica album. Undoubtedly, this Korean girl group is finally taking teh global stage one milestone at a time.

Who wants Thalia-BLACKPINK music?

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