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Manila’s finest drag artists gather to showcase Filipino drag excellence

Manila’s finest drag artists gather to showcase Filipino drag excellence

June 28 remains a historic day for the LGBTQIA+ liberation movement marks the 52nd Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. Coinciding with this date, Drag Playhouse PH partners with Sony Music Philippines. Together, they dropped a music video featuring nine of the most sought-after and talented drag artists in Manila. This, of course, showcases Filipino drag excellence.

Manila’s finest drag artists gather to showcase Filipino drag excellence

MANILA DRAG ICONS remains a Pride Anthem Megamix featuring songs from different generations. This became the LGBTQ+ community’s themes of empowerment and freedom. Donned in their custom, monochromatic looks to symbolize each color to the rainbow flags, to their sparkly and glamorous solos, Manila Drag Icons became a perfect fusion of high drag fashion, entertainment, and music.

This takes inspiration from Denali of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Chicago Drag Excellence and promos for All-Stars. Filipino drag fans have long yearned for our own version of RuPaul’s Drag Race. And, Drag Playhouse PH gives us a taste of what Filipino drag artists are capable of if only we are given the right opportunity and platform.

Studio628, Drag Playhouse’s creative agency, launched Manila Drag Icons as its first official project with Sony Music PH.

DPH provides platforms and shows for fellow drag artists since the pandemic and had the ability to do exclusive drag-related content and virtual events for several companies. Of course, this includes MCA Universal, Warner Music PH, ABS-CBN (Iba Yan), and Facebook PH. From their humble beginnings as an Instagram account with the hashtag #KeepDragAlive. They grew into a full creative team with a network of drag talents and a production crew aiming to bring exclusive and premier Filipino drag to more people.

CEO, Eva Le Queen, together with co-founders Marina Summers, Prince Marell, and OV Cunt envisions a new era for Filipino Drag.

For a long time, drag artists have been confined in the walls of clubs and bars, commonly identified as female impersonators. DPH believes that the country has a rich and colorful world of drag and should be given the right representation. The COVID-19 pandemic has opened a world of possibilities for local drag outside the clubs. Director, Yan Alabado, emphasizes the importance of drag talents producing or taking a major part in the production of drag-related content and materials. It takes another drag artist to understand the lights, visuals, and elements that bring out the best of such an art form.

The stellar and diverse cast of drag queens and kings in Manila Drag Icons includes the legendary Electrifying Amanda, who has been in the industry for 25 years. Also joining the lineup are 2 of the most sought-after and premier Drag performers, Vinas Deluxe; and Cornerstone’s signed talent, Brigiding. Adding up to the absolutely talented cast is trans woman and pole dancer, Miss Jade So. And completing this epic collaboration is Drag King, Alpha Venti.

The video was shot in Shutterspace Studios, with Niko Francisco as Director of Photography. Directed and edited by Yan Alabado. Eva Le Queen says,

“It is important for people to have something to aspire to be and believe that you can be more than what you are now.”

Manila Drag Icons hopes to open up more doors for local drag artists and entertainers in the mainstream and give more opportunities for queer representation even beyond Pride month.

Manila Drag Icons can be viewed on Youtube:


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