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Loonyo definitely furthers his musicality with single, Hit Me

Loonyo definitely furthers his musicality with single, Hit Me

Loonyo takes off to the realms of the P-pop world with the release of his new party anthem under Universal Records Philippines, Hit Me. The track introduces a new production style for the TikTok star-turned-recording artist which furthers his musicality and being an all-around performer. Included in the release is an official music video by Lua Swish is also an appearance by his real-life girlfriend, Amari.

Loonyo | Universal Records Philippines

The attendees of his upcoming first major concert calledLoonyoverse: They Made Me Do It will witness the live performance of this dance party song. According to him, the concept of Hit Me is a good mix of old-school dance crazes and current trends.

Hit Me | From the official YouTube Video

The title draws inspiration from a song by Britney Spears. The megahit Hit Me Baby One More Time during the early 2000s. Loonyo also receives praise from his friends for his unwavering dedication and craftsmanship in showing his progressive evolution in the entertainment scene.

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The music video features him working the bar as a beautiful girl enters, looking as ethereal as ever. Of course, it’s not a Loonyo music video without a choreographed dance. He also seems to take inspiration from the typical 2000s R&B music videos with him following Amari as he sings and dances to his own song. Aside from that, the music video also shows Loonyo in different hues of suits that definitely fit his physique.

Loonyo is preparing to open himself to a new venture in the P-Pop universe with Hit Me, now available for streaming on Spotify and available for viewing on YouTube.

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