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Top Tracks to Get You Into Adulting Mode

Top Tracks to Get You Into Adulting Mode

Need an inspiration boost for when you’ve got work to do? These bops will surely put you into adulting mode!

Adulting can sometimes be tough but music will always have your back. Here are a few ones that you should add to your bussin playlist.

Grow up – Paramore

Paramore offers a lot of songs that can boost your working mood and grow up is the best of the bunch! It talks about an inspiring narrative of a person that does as she pleases. With no regard for what people would think, she is free. Grow up is a song about adulting since it talks about leaving things behind.

Much like how adults are, it is a sad truth but growing up means changing, and change oftentimes means leaving.

Stressed out – Twenty One Pilots

Stressed out is a song about childhood longing and how we’re supposed to make ends meet as adults. It doesn’t matter if we like it or not because we HAVE to. Although “wake up you need the money” is quite a depressing line written by Tyler Joseph, it still is true and motivating. Call it a wake-up call to kickstart your adulting era.

First things first – Neon Trees

The most striking lyric in this song is its first verse, which is also the chorus.

“You are never gonna get everything you want in this world
First things first, get what you deserve”

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Doesn’t it just make you want to jump straight into an adulting spree? This song will make you realize how your fate is all up to you. Whatever work you put out in this world will be gifted back to you again. How far are you willing to go for you to get what you deserve?

Are you satisfied – MARINA

The recurring question in this song is “Are you satisfied with an average life?” and most answers would be “Oh hell no!” this is such an encouraging song that can get you going. No wonder it got viral on TikTok!

What adulting songs would you add to this list?

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