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Look and feel your best with these monochrome outfits

Look and feel your best with these monochrome outfits

2022’s Pantone color is very peri, encompassing the quality of encouraging creativity and courageousness. In fashion, creativity is always present. And, this year, it took a great extent of courage in putting on sets of these colorful monochrome outfits.

Look and feel your best with these monochrome outfits

One of the fashion trends this year is the glowing highlight of pop colors, from head accessories to shoes. Each hue in the rainbow’s colors is used and paired to create a monochrome look. Take a look and get outfit inspiration from these five bright colors.

Luxury Velvet Purple 

Purple usually appears to be dark and gloomy to others’ eyes. However, it is a classic and rich color to use. It enhances your color and gives a velvet-ish impression in every shade. It also adds texture and thickness to an outfit, even if it’s a monochrome look. 

Photo: Daniele Oberrauch

Calm Water Blue

Sea waves, skies, angelic smells, and heavenly feathers are typically associated with the color blue. It is either screaming tranquility or a little bit of sass. Nonetheless, it is normally used to lighten up a room, despite its deep shade. Silk, shiny, and pastel items are suitable to pull off this color. 

Photo: Filippo Fior

Balanced Color Green

Earth and the environment! These two words are the main ideas when people hear about green. Since it showcases leaves, trees, and plants, it’s usually paired with brown and gray. It also has a rich appearance, but it’s better when matte.

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Photo: Alessandro Viero

Positive Shine Yellow

All of our balls of sunshine reflect this energy. Yellow is optimistic and bright. It appears as sweet as corn and friendly as your favorite cartoon characters. If you’re thinking of using yellow, consider adding a shade or sunglasses to complete your look. It’s a summer vibe hue. 

Photo: Getty Images

Confident Change Orange 

Orange looks intimidating and full of weight, but it’s an appetizing color. It’s a satisfying shade, which confident people love. Get your socks and nails painted this color, and walk like a diva. 

Photo: Rodin Banica

Colors represent us and we represent them. Make sure to know what color suits you the best and build your confidence with it.

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