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FotoSerye: “Glacier Escapade”

FotoSerye: “Glacier Escapade”

Fashion photography is an art of photography that transcends the world of fashion. This includes shooting spreads for fashion magazines and photographing clothes on runways and in showrooms and on location for lookbooks. As we all know, It can be artful or commercial, but it’s almost always about seizing the moment between a fashion model and the clothes on their body. With that being said, FotoSerye contains all of my experiences in the art of Photography.

I created this Photo Collection series, to showcase my shots and the concept behind them in building my portfolio. This serves as an avenue to know where I’m at in terms of rationale and skills as Photographer. And here I am ready to face all the trials and tribulations in becoming an excellent fashion photographer someday!

The Inspiration behind the “Glacier Escapade”

This shoot definitely screams adventure and escape. In addition, When seeing the styling for this shoot, I already envisioned a playful and energetic vibe wherein the garment really connects with what the model is giving. As a result, I was in high spirits, since Vince was able to deliver what I really wanted the shoot to look like. The given vibrant styling really matched the enthusiasm.

Working with Vince Marcelo of Empire/Mercator

I must admit understanding male photography wasn’t a cakewalk for me, but I’m glad I pushed through in the end. Working with a male model feels like, you’re in a box. There are certain limitations or poses that a male model can do depending on the theme or situation. In conclusion, It’s basically up to you how will you be able to communicate with the male model to effectively execute your vision.

It takes a Village!

After the shoot, I realized a vital part, that It takes a village to make and execute it. Everyone on the team plays an important role in the success of the shoot. I made sure to thank all the people behind my first one who gave their best effort. Especially my Mentor in Fashion Photography is none other than Mark Neto Diaz.

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Photographer | Kurt Abonal
Model | Vince Marcelo of Empire/Mercator Talent Agency
Makeup | Paige Seneres
Hair | Paige Seneres
Stylist | Nash August
Photography Mentor | Mark Neto Diaz

Special thanks to Josh Austria and Fashion Institute of the Philippines – Ortigas Main

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