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Living the Royal Life: Castles Around the World that You Can Visit

Living the Royal Life: Castles Around the World that You Can Visit

Dancing in a big ballroom or running in a secluded garden is a total vibe straight out of fairytale and Disney films. However, living the royal life seems complicated, especially if you do not really see standing castles around your local community. But, that does not mean it is impossible! Actual castles all around the world have opened their royal gates to accommodate guests and give them one regal experience. So, if you want to experience something exceptional, below is the list of castles you can visit and check into.

Ashford Castle (Ireland)

Ashford Castle is an 800-year-old estate that used to be home to the prominent family, the Guinness family. Today, it is a five-star hotel owned by Red Carnation Hotels and boasts 83 traditional and elegant rooms. Guests will surely have a delightful time staying in Ashford Castle, for it offers different outdoor activities, including an experience in the oldest-established Falconry School in Ireland, and cultural experiences, such as having a taste of traditional Irish cuisine.

Photo from [Ashford Castle]

Bojnice Castle (Slovakia)

One of Slovakia’s oldest and most important monuments is the Bojnice Castle. Standing in a travertine mound, this monument features both the beauty of nature and the country’s landscape. Per the will of Count Ján Pálfi, this castle serves as a home for various significant works of art. Visitors can tour the castle’s in and out on two different circuits: the Pálfi and Huňady circuit. Guests can also enjoy evening tours on the courtyards or participate in events culminating the history and culture enveloping this lovely castle.

Photo from [RADU79]

Château de Chambord (France)

Château de Chambord is a glorious example of prime French renaissance architecture as well as the power and influence of the French monarchy. Now open for public visitation, this castle boasts 400 rooms, formal gardens, a park, and vineyards. Aside from getting entertained with the gorgeous place, guests can enjoy various activities such as wine tasting, strolling around the area, joining a guided tour, and watching a prepared show.

Photo from [ANDIA]

Château Frontenac (Canada)

Château Frontenac can be a tad intimidating as it sits gloriously overlooking the beautiful city of Quebec. But do not worry, though, for Château Frontenac is probably the most accessible castle to get into. Complete with 610 bedrooms, Château Frontenac is now a full-on hotel that one can easily book and which provides guests with a gorgeous view of the Old City of Quebec and the St. Lawrence River. The view and location are not its only selling point. Hotel guests can also enjoy fitness and aquatic activities, luxurious spas, and, of course, a guided tour of the castle itself.

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Photo from [Fairmont Le Château Frontenac]

Kinross House (Scotland)

Kinross House is perfect for guests who want to take living the royalty life up to a notch. Currently operating as an exclusive private house and estate, Kinross House vows to give its guests an authentic Scottish experience by incorporating Scottish history, culture, and nature in their service. Guests can enjoy onsite activities like archery, lawn, and highland games. Alternatively, they could just choose to relax in Kinross House’s in-house spa. Kinross is available for booking for celebrations such as holidays, corporate retreats, family get-togethers, and more.

Photo from [Kinross House]

Now that we have listed castles around the world, it is now up to you to live your fairytale dreams. And who knows, maybe the regalness of such an experience will lead to your own happy ending.

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