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Period Flick Recommendations That May Tickle Your Fancy

Period Flick Recommendations That May Tickle Your Fancy

Tired of the contemporary struggles in life and finding an escape into the past? Or maybe curious about how people live their lives at a certain period in time? Well, sadly, time machines are still not a thing in the 21st century.

Also, spoiler alert, people from the past are more savage than you think. So maybe you might not want to stay there for long. Even so, wouldn’t it still be interesting to traverse back in time to know the ways of the people before us? If yes, then worry no more as period flicks are here to save the day.

Let us travel back in time through these period drama flicks that may tickle your fancy:

Fair warning, though, all recommendations revolve around period films set in old England or old Scotland. Therefore, the movie suggestions included here are limited to stories of British Royalty and English people. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it.

Emma (2020)

Emma Woodhouse, a seemingly self-absorbed and entitled young lady who is born in wealth and raised in elegance, indulges herself with matchmaking. Although she must thread through murky waters of romantic mismatches and young adulthood, Emma eventually finds her way around her problems. And soon after, she even finds the love that was always there all along.

This 2020 romantic comedy period film is one among the many adaptations of Jane Austen’s novels. Only here, the movie is taken from Austen’s novel of the same title.

Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

The 2018 historical flick shows an interesting take on the notorious bitter rivalry between two 16th-century queens. One queen, a widow at 18, and the rightful heir to both the English and Scottish throne.

The other was deemed illegitimate by many yet remained a powerful figure of femininity and independence. In a world full of domineering and conniving men, two queens who are cousins clash in a story of religious warfare, bitter rivalry, and sisterly love. Both must decide how to play the game of marriage and sovereignty to keep their heads to their crowns and not on a pike.

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A Royal Night Out (2015)

Set in 1945, London, England, the movie picks up on the night right after the end of the German war. Princess Elizabeth and her sister, Margaret beg their parents’ permission to allow them to celebrate England’s victory outside the palace walls. Once given their parents’ approval, the two sisters set out into their supposedly harmless rendezvous into the night. One that comically turns into a crazy night out for them both. This movie is a fictional depiction of the young princesses defying royal protocols to live one night like a regular citizen.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)

19th Century England is in peril as a highly-contagious plague had recently befallen their country. People infected with the disease eventually transform into brain-craving rotting – but somewhat living – zombies. As Elizabeth Bennet, alongside her sisters, struggle to survive the plague and find a perfect match, she finds herself entangled in a whirlwind romance. A love story that is pestered by pride, prejudice, and a lot of zombies.

Witnessed an extravagant display of poofy dresses, ridiculously huge headpieces, and delivery of flowery words? Yep! You’ve just been transported back into time. Old English fictional time, at least.

If you’re looking for a retrospective way to spend your next movie weekend, then try checking out these absolutely delightful period flicks today!

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