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Keep your skin looking soft and shine-free with innisfree!

Keep your skin looking soft and shine-free with innisfree!

From skincare to makeup, Shopee Beauty has everything you need. Even natural skincare and makeup brand innisfree delivers the benefits of nature. The brand innisfree uses ingredients coming from the pristine JEJU island where clean nature and healthy beauty coexist in harmony. Of course, you can avail discounts up to 30% off only on Shopee Beauty this April 20. 

Keep your skin looking soft and shine-free this summer with innisfree!

A perfect skincare routine includes a full-face gentle cleanse, toner, serum, eye cream, spot treatment, moisturizer, retinoid, and sunscreen. In case you didn’t know, retinoids are vitamin A derivatives that include retinol. It reduces dark spots, breakouts, and fine lines by increasing skin-cell turnover. Everyone should use it during the nighttime as it makes your skin extra sensitive. That’s why sunscreen is a must. 

Speaking of retinol, innisfree has Retinol Cica Moisture Recovery Serum Set that remains a mild and highly effective ampoule. 

According to innisfree, it also helps with dead skin cells and visible pores. It provides care from the beginning of skin troubles while relieving enlarged pores and blemish scars. Aside from that, ampoule containing pure retinol with 95% of purity provides effective care for the entire lifecycle of skin troubles. Pure retinol, on the other hand, controls dead skin and roughness. Meanwhile, it normalizes the skin’s cycle. This sets to relieve occasional breakouts, bumpiness, and dark blemishes that come from the sudden sensitivity and reveal smooth and healthy skin.

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innisfree Retinol is for all skin types. 

The formula contains a new retinol ingredient that provides a fast, concrete, and low-irritation effect created after dozens of tests and 1067 formulations. They did this at innisfree’s high-efficacy naturalism research center, Green Innovation Lab. You can use the innisfree Retinol by dispensing an appropriate amount by pumping once or twice and gently applying. As mentioned before, be sure to apply sunscreen while using the retinol ampoule as sunlight can irritate it. For sensitive skin, on the other hand, using the innisfree Retinol ampoule with a physical or chemical peeling product or vitamin C-containing product may cause irritation. So, be careful when using it together. 

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