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Why You Should Keep A Journal

Why You Should Keep A Journal

It’s not entirely like a diary. You don’t always have to keep a day-to-day record of what you did, where you went, who you met, and stuff like that. A journal is something you take out to write down a thought you had for a day, whether it was fleeting or not. You write down the only lyrics you heard from a song you don’t know so you can search for it later. It could be an idea, a joke, or the amount of money you owe someone. Your writing could be longer too or it could be doodles. Journals have a lot of use and here are some of the reasons why you should keep one. 

Journals help you keep track

Maybe you decided to start doing workouts. Today was your first day and so you keep a record of what you did. Then, you just keep doing it. This way, you’re able to track your progress. Next thing you know, you’ve reached your goal and you’re flipping back to that first page. The sense of accomplishment becomes stronger. 

Using them as your planner or calendar

Got an important date coming up? There is an event you said you’d go to next month? If you have a journal, you can write all these down. This will also allow you to check what you did in the past days, weeks, or months. Just this month of June, you saw the strawberry moon. Make a note of it and when another one comes along, you would see how short or long it took for it to reappear. 

Journals as your recorder

Writing down one’s thoughts can be helpful, no matter how quick it could be. Of course, there are ones that stick with you for more than a day but that’s where journals come in. You can record all these thoughts and ideas so you can come back to them at a later date. By then, maybe everything’s a little clearer and you will be able to expound on them. 

You never know, that idea could be worth a fortune or maybe it could be the answer to the universe.

Engaging with a little art

It’s not just writing that someone can do with a journal. Sometimes, they could just doodle on the pages while in the middle of class or during a break at work. If you do love drawing but need something quick and short, journals are good for that. However, if you do want to go all-out with the art, you can do spreads. It’s definitely relaxing and encourages your creativity to shine through. Journals can also be a form of art therapy. 

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Your outlet

It’s exhausting to be angry or sad. One of the worst parts is that you don’t feel comfortable confiding in someone. You also don’t trust yourself to release that much negativity. So, invest in a journal, and write everything down! It can help you reduce all that anxiety and stress. And we all know how relieving it feels to let it all out, don’t we? 

The same goes for the positive and reflective times. Journals allow you to ponder over the happenings in your life. It is more than just writing down what happened you’re also discussing how that event made you feel, what you realized from it, and why it matters to you. It’s your outlet, yours and yours only.

It’s not a requirement to write in a journal every single day. You can do it once in a while or frequently. It depends entirely on you and you don’t have to follow any rules. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find something else to do with it that isn’t on this list. So, go get that journal!

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