Jin Chan: The Man Behind The Music

Music is poetry. Words become a pristine way to uplift people that listen to them. Listening to it gives you a glimpse into one’s murmurs of passion that consume us from time to time. It harmoniously fills the air and we can only thank the people who create music. One of those people that we should express our gratitude is Jin Chan who has created music for tons of people we know and love. Now that he is releasing his own music, we can finally hear his story through his lyrical creations.

Photo | Sean Amador | Miguel Lapidez

Jin Chan: The Man Behind The Music

Creating music is like writing poetry. It leaves from the creator as they share them with the world. They string words together, making the song make sense as they find a way to make it rhyme with the melody. Jin Chan is a creator and it all started when he was just a young boy. 

“I think it was in the first grade when I wrote my first song. I barely knew how to play the guitar. But, I somehow understood on a surface level how chord progressions and songwriting worked. So, I tried writing my own song. I don’t remember exactly what I wrote, and I’m sure it’s pretty bad. But, since then I just fell in love with creating my own music and sharing it.”

Just in case you didn’t know, Jin is the man behind the music. He wrote Say U Love Me for the P-Pop group; Alamat with music producers NEXXFRIDAY.

“The first major release I’ve worked on was Say U Love Me for the P-pop group, Alamat. It all kind of just fell into place at the right time. NEXXFRIDAY and I pitched it to the legendary Direk JP Laxamana, and everything took off from there! I was really happy to hear something I wrote on the radio, in public, and online!”

Jin also worked on Jae K and Just Hush‘s Dahan. Then, he wrote No Way for recording artist Zeyonce. Jin also wrote for BOIZ with their song I Wanna Know. Aside from that, he has also worked on the productions of Denise Julia‘s Superficial Energy and the original soundtrack for Sitio Diablo with NEXXFRIDAY. And, his biggest project yet – Jin Chan wrote Dati-Dati for the Philippines’ Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo.

Jin Chan sets to release his own track, Kapeng Malamig!

Although he isn’t closing the chapter on writing and producing songs for other musical sensations, Jin Chan is actually working on releasing his own track. Titled Kapeng Malamig, he gives us a little peek at what the song is all about. And, we can’t wait to hear it as soon as we can.

“I don’t think I wanna give away too much about the song. But, to sum it up, the story is about a guy texting a girl, and the girl eventually decides to invite the guy over for coffee. That’s that and whatever happens, happens!”

Photo | Sean Amador | Miguel Lapidez

When asked about the reason behind writing the track, he cited WAYBETTR producer, Saint, sending him a beat. Starting there, he started creating something that we are sure you will absolutely love.

“When Saint, one of our producers at WAYBETTR, sent me the beat, I immediately knew what the vibe of the song was going to be. I didn’t exactly know what it was going to be about from the start while we were putting it all together. But, now that the pieces of the puzzle are where they should be,  we’re all just excited to let everyone hear Kapeng Malamig!”

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Photo | Sean Amador | Miguel Lapidez

Of course, he got us curious about Kapeng Malamig. So, during the mini-interview with Jin, we asked him why this song, in particular, became the very first one he would be releasing under his own name.

“I think the reason why I chose Kapeng Malamig to be my first track is because it’s *different*! Different as in, it’s different from what you’re hearing from local artists these days. And, I guess that’s what I want to really tell people about myself and my music; it’s different.”

Photo | Sean Amador | Miguel Lapidez

You see, great music doesn’t just appear in thin air. Jin Chan, just like any other creator and writer, experiences blockage, too.

It’s like looking at a blank page, tapping a pen both patiently and impatiently. Of course, soon creators and writers like Jin Chan see ideas like schools of fish passing through beneath his eyes. Then, his pen moves slowly with the flow graciously. 

“I think more often than not I get these small writer’s blocks. But, when I catch a wave of inspiration I try to ride it out and see what happens at the end. I love what I do and I love that I’m doing what I love. But, at the end of the day, the only thing I’m afraid about is if people don’t like the music I make. I don’t let that stop me though. It’s just back to the drawing board for me.”

Photo | Sean Amador | Miguel Lapidez

So, what’s next for the man behind the music?

“I don’t wanna give anything away. But, I’m working on *a lot* of songs. Half of those songs are my own. And, the other half is for the artists that I’m working with. You’re just gonna have to stay tuned to find out what’s next. I won’t step out of line and say that they’re all going to be hits, but the only thing I can assure you is that it’s going to be great music.”

And, you know what – we are truly excited about the songs he has to offer. Congratulations on Kapeng Malamig! We can’t wait to hear it, Jin!

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