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Jelai Andres: The Modern Fairy-dog Mother

Jelai Andres: The Modern Fairy-dog Mother

People always that you should just love animals, they’ll stay at your side no matter what. And, it’s true. They may leave, yes. But, their spirits will stay with us forever. An animal lover is always seen as a good person. And, the way they treat animals tells a lot about their personality. They see animals as more than just pets. They are happy to help even when not asked. And, that just represents someone we all know and love – Jelai Andres.

Jelai has a very quirky personality, excellent taste in fashion, and a skill in acting. However, aside from that, people also recognize her for her unconditional love for dogs. She posts photos and videos of them on all her social media platforms. And, with a random scroll, you can see her furbabies wrapped up in branded accessories. Sometimes, she even brings them on vacations and getaways.

Jelai and Chicken

We can all remember when Jelai posted a photo of her beloved furbaby on Instagram whom she lovingly calls Chicken Danggit. Unfortunately, in July 2020, she posted a vlog about losing Chicken due to the dangerous canine parvovirus.

According to the Blue Cross website, canine parvovirus or parvo is a highly infectious disease that can be fatal.

Many dogs who are diagnosed with parvo will eventually pass away. This is because the virus attacks cells in their intestines. Unfortunately, this stops them from being able to absorb vital nutrients. They will become very weak and dehydrated. 

However, despite the fact that Chicken is no longer physically at her side, she gives a tribute by visiting an animal shelter called PAWSsion Project. Of course, aside from just visiting them, she also went there to feed rescue animals in need. It became her way of moving forward from her loss. 

Neko and Kitty

Jelai loved her furbabies so much. Around June of 2022, she woke up to the most heartbreaking news ever. No one can even think of how to deliver the news. And, we can only imagine how her heart dropped as soon as she processed the news. Kitty and Neko were poisoned.

In her tear-jerking video, everyone could see her shoulders and hands wracking with sobs. Jelai also expressed how Neko and Kitty are innocent parts of her family and wondered how could people be so evil to even think of such an act. 

This video also showed how much Jelai cares for other animals. She insisted these people if they were targeting strays, at least ask an organization to pound them and not kill innocent animals roaming the streets. But, even then, the animals that were poisoned weren’t strays, they were furbabies and were part of a family.

Jelai finally meets her Popoy

But, of course, as time goes by, Jelai’s heart grows bigger. Although she can’t replace her furbabies Chicken, Neko, and Kitty, she can pour more of her love into the others that need her. She makes frequent visits to the PAWSsion Project to help feed the animals in need.

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And, after she lost Chicken, she was able to fall in love with an aspin that she fondly called Popoy. She bonded with him and he quickly took a liking to her. And, eventually, she adopted him. She finally met her Popoy and they were a match made in heaven.

Jelai Andres: The Modern Fairy-dog Mother

Jelai has a lot of posts and vlogs about volunteering at the dog shelter. It’s like one of her main advocacies – to help out those animals in need. She just doesn’t care for dogs, though. She also cares for cats and other animals in the shelter. Jelai even came over to celebrate Popoy’s birthday with his old buddies there.

Jelai truly is a modern fairy-dog mother as she carries on volunteering, making donations, and encouraging people to adopt (not shop) dogs in the shelter. She uses her platform to help furbabies find their forever homes. And, she remains consistent about it.

Dogs, and animals in general, are truly the best! Just like in the lyrics of The Puppy Song by Harry Nilsson,

“If only I could have a puppy
I’d call myself so very lucky
Just to have some company
To share a cup of tea with me”

The Puppy Song

Having a pet is a peculiar feeling of joy and happiness. Surely, you’ll get tired of taking care of them, but in return, it is a lot of fun. It’s like having a friend in a small and very cute version. After all, dogs are man’s best friend, right? You can learn more about volunteering at or making a donation to dog shelters by visiting this website: Pawssion Project. And, always remember: Adopt, Don’t Shop.

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