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It’s Time to Turn and Learn These Skin Poem’s Skincare Ingredients

It’s Time to Turn and Learn These Skin Poem’s Skincare Ingredients

Because of many skincare products that’s coming out in the market, choosing the right one for us became so challenging. We are being bombarded with so many recommendations online. With all of these beauty scenarios, there’s one thing that should be our number one priority in terms of buying new skincare products, and that is to turn and learn all the ingredients!

Why Skin Poem is the Perfect Skincare For you?

As what the  main branding of Skin Poem goes, “A Skincare with an added verse of good intentions”. With that, rest assured that each products line up is cleanly formulated and meticulously curated. Let’s not get any further, let’s get to know the power ingredients used in Skin Poem’s hero products!

Cherimoya Fruit Extract

Cherimoya fruit extract is found to have bioadaptive activities that  helps skin enhance its natural ability to handle stress and restore a healthy glow. 

Fucoidan Algae Extract

This  highly bioactive algal compound is proven by cosmeceuticals to be an anti-photoaging. It has enzyme inhibitions that helps skin combat the damaging effects of UV rays, and a great ingredient to make skin keep its natural moisture. 


Furthermore, ceramides have long been a well-loved ingredient to address dryness and irritation. Aside from that, this hero ingredient found in the Skin Poem’s Face and body moisturizer; Ceramide, creates a stronger barrier for the skin- preventing moisture loss. A good skin barrier also protects the skin from harmful irritants, bacteria, and other environmental toxins.

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Collagen and Colloidal Oatmeal

If you are really into beauty and skincare, Collagen is no longer strange to you. It’s good for making your skin looks firm and younger, while colloidal oatmeal has moisturizing effect. These two ingredients from the F.P Series’ soap also assure that you are not just rinsing your skin for a clean and healthy feel. Moreover, if used for the long run, you can visibly see a younger, and smoother looking skin. 

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