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SKIN POEM: A Newly Launch Filipino Skincare Brand In the Market To Watch For

SKIN POEM: A Newly Launch Filipino Skincare Brand In the Market To Watch For

With the continuous rise of different skincare brands  in the market, it’s hard to deny that the Beauty Industry is really a big thing in terms of demands. With that said, consumers find it so difficult to know what particular brand they should patronize. To help you off the grid, we introduce Skin Poem; a skincare with an added verse of good intentions.  And it is a Filipino brand In the market to watch for!

With Skin Poem’s F.P Series lineup collection that offers four different skincare products with different purposes- I must say that this brand is indeed promising. From hydrating and brightening mist, facial cream, soap, and moisturizer. Skin Poem has it all. Let’s get to know what these  products can do as we run them down one by one.

F.P Series’ Oatmeal Soap

This mildly scented soap bar is made with colloidal oatmeal that soothes skin and calms inflammation. Blended with premium Collagen sourced from Korea to help keep skin moisture level balanced making it elastic, soft, and firm. For extra dry skin, use our Intensive Ceramide skin moisturizer right after you shower.

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Intense Ceramide Moisturizer

This face and body moisturizer contains 5 different types of ceramides along with plant and fruit extracts that all work together to create a barrier for the skin. Ceramides have long been a well loved ingredient to address dryness and irritation. This is one of Skin Poem’s best selling formula that really helps with dry, flaky, irritated skin. Best used before bedtime.

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F.P Series Cream

This cream specifically targets dry, itchy, patchy areas of the skin with its lightweight formulation containing Annona cherimola fruit extract that packed with high levels of Vitamin C which is a main factor in collagen production. It also helps reduce inflammation, redness, and sensitivity of overworked, tired, irritated skin.

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Hydrating and Brightening Mist

Formulated with ingredients like Fucoidan algae sourced from France, this best-selling mist of Skin Poem helps brighten the skin while restoring moisture. This facial mist can be used over makeup, or even just sunscreen too! Perfect for an instant skin boost when you are at a flight, work, or any other indoor and outdoor adventures!

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With Skin Poem’s promising skincare lineups, it’s crystal clear that the Philippine Beauty Community will have a new brand to watch for, another added promising option in a varied array of beauty and skincare brands.

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