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INSTAGRAM RAID: Se Jeong and her hair colors

INSTAGRAM RAID: Se Jeong and her hair colors

With over half a million followers on Instagram, Park Se-Jeong captured the interest of the public after her appearance in the popular Korean reality TV dating show on Netflix, Singles Inferno. Se Jeong works as a fashion model in KPLUS Official. She loves trying out different hair colors as seen on her Instagram posts. Aside from her beauty and sexy body; she also confidently elevates her looks with her different hair colors.

Photo: @jennonpark | Instagram

INSTAGRAM RAID: Se Jeong and her hair colors

The Classic Brunette

Even though it’s a classic hair color, it still compliments her nicely. From light brown to dark brown, Se Jeong surely owns this hue. It goes well with any outfit or style since it is very natural and timeless. If you are planning on dyeing your hair for the first time, then you should definitely try out brunette since it is very easy to maintain.

Beautifully Blonde

With her blonde hair, she screams sophistication and elegance. At the same time, she also gives a different vibe or personality like she is an Idol or part of a girl group in Korea. This hair color would obviously make you stand out among others since it looks very vibrant.

Ash Gray

This hair color is a balance between extremes; not too light and not too dark. Se Jeong certainly rocks this once again. If you want to explore and try something new for your hair, then you can show this to your stylist to achieve this look.

Cotton Candy Pink

For some people, it can be quite difficult to go out of their comfort zone, but with this cotton candy pink hair color, Se Jeong is telling you to explore, experiment, and embrace change! With this pastel shade, you can easily dress up or down an outfit and look stunning. This is perfect for all the girls who want to look more feminine and stylish.

What about you? What’s your favorite hair color? And what would you like to try out next time?

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