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Brave’s Princess Merida is Underrated: Here’s why

Brave’s Princess Merida is Underrated: Here’s why

In the desires and hidden dreams of our hearts lives a Disney princess we all look up to. You may be a bookworm who have always dreamed to have your very own library and so you favor Belle among all Disney princesses, or you may have this immeasurable love for animals to wish to be able to comprehend them and so you favor Snow White. Whatever your personal reason is, there is that one Disney princess who will always be special to you. And as much as I love all of them, I believe there is one that doesn’t get enough appreciation: Princess Merida.

Merida has officially been added to the Disney Princess line-up as its eleventh member in May 2013, about a year after the movie was released. I bet I could ask all of my acquaintances who their favorite Disney princess is and not one would mention her name. I never really understood why. Is she too unique? That would make sense.

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Here are 3 reasons why Princess Merida deserves more appreciation

1 | She broke the Disney Princess stereotype

According to an article by PsyPost, Disney princesses tend to embody the thin ideal and be portrayed as submissive and nurturing. Merida’s bold and fiery personality easily makes her stand out from the rest of the Disney princesses who, even in the slightest sense, incorporates these stereotypes. Sure, princesses like Mulan, Pocahontas, and probably even some more possess the same fearless energy. But unlike them, Merida never showed hesitance about her actions and decisions in the entirety of the movie, not once. She is the prime exemplar of living wildly and freely. The chains of the royal life mean absolutely nothing to her.

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2 | She’s the first Disney Princess without a love interest

Yes, it’s not Moana or Elsa, although the latter would have been close with only about a year in difference. Princess Merida pioneered the notion of feminine independence with the triviality of romance with a man to a fulfilling life story. And this is not because she had no options. She was in fact consistently forced by the queen to pick and marry a prince. However, she thought of a witty idea of using an archery competition as a means to win her hand. Being an archery master herself, she exclaims, “I am Merida, first born of Clan DunBroch, and I’ll be shooting for my own hand!” as she proceeds to shoot bullseye after bullseye.

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3 | She’s a role model

Merida was undoubtedly stubborn for a princess, which is expected for someone who have always longed for freedom. But along with this stubbornness is an unbreakable determination to change the fate she knew she didn’t want. Upon realizing her mistake in the middle of the journey however, she was quick to set things straight while still fighting for her happiness. Merida is fiery but humble—a personality that I would personally advise everyone to achieve having in life.

Source: Disney/Pixar

These are not the only things that set Merida apart from other Disney princesses. No powers or magical objects, just plain intellect and skills. But most of all, bravery. Merida is the personification of the word Brave, a perfect fitting for the movie’s title.

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