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INSTAGRAM RAID: Kim Tae-yeon the Queen of Hairstyles

INSTAGRAM RAID: Kim Tae-yeon the Queen of Hairstyles

Kim Tae-yeon, popularly known as Taeyeon, debuted as the main vocalist of the Nation’s Girl Group Girl’s Generation in 2007. She earned the title “Certified Vocal Queen” due to her impressive vocal prowess and range. Moreover, she is also one of the strongest and most successful solo artists in the realm of K-POP. Taeyeon’s thriving solo career has produced hit singles such as I, Why, Spark, and Weekend, among many others.

In August 2022, Taeyeon made a grand comeback with her group Girls’ Generation on their 15th anniversary. They released their 7th album FOREVER 1 and a music video for the lead track of the same title. Seeing the girls sing and dance as a group again is a legendary moment fans will always re-live. 

Photo | @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

Meanwhile, when they officially released the music video for FOREVER 1, I eagerly anticipated their live performance. Then, when I already watched them perform live, containing my happiness was a struggle—I missed them a lot! However, something obvious and gorgeous captured my attention while watching—it was Taeyeon’s hairstyle!

Throughout Taeyeon’s career, she has sported various hairstyles ranging from different cuts, colors, and styles. She also carried all of her hairstyles effortlessly, and that only emphasizes her beauty in many ways. With that, here are some of Taeyeon’s hairstyles because she is simply the Queen of Hairstyles.

A hairstyle we envy

Taeyeon’s silver hair and hairpiece transformed her into a magnetic and fierce goddess from somewhere out of this world. She sported this hairstyle, among many others, in the music video of her song INVU. The mythical vibes of this hairstyle bring an edge to her look, this sure is a style to envy for.

Pink like no other

This pink hairstyle with a shorter front haircut seems like it is straight out of an anime series. At the same time, it seems perfect for a cosplay party or any party where you want to look edgy. Taeyeon showed this hairstyle in the music video of Hate That, a song by Key that she featured on. Without a doubt, she looks unique and lovely with this pink hairdo.

Highlights as the highlight

The short haircut, highlights, and bangs gave Taeyeon so much cool and sassy vibes. She has tried several highlighted hairstyles before but she always slays them all, like this one. And, as always, she looks absolutely amazing in this hairstyle. Taeyeon wore this hairstyle for the photobook of her What Do I Call You album.

Orange for happiness

Another goddess-like hairstyle from Taeyeon, this wavy orange hair is so soft yet bold at the same time. She showed off this hairstyle in the music video of her song Happy. Well, this hairstyle will certainly make people happy to try it for their next makeover. Taeyeon has given us breathtaking hairdos many times before, and this is one of those times.

Messy hair for rainy days

This messy short ashy blonde hair is definitely the mess that we wanted for rainy days. While her hairstyle looks messy, it also gives a chic, soft, and youthful glow that suits her skin. Taeyeon wore this surprisingly calming hairdo during the period of her catchy ballad song Rain.

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Like a vampire

She got this hairstyle, among others, for the music video of her song Four Seasons. This sleek wavy hairdo gives Taeyeon a strong charismatic look, like a vampire who is stunning in every season. For sure, she rocked this captivating hairstyle as if she was naturally born with it.

The boss is in

Okay, first of all, this super sleek straight hair definitely brought out Taeyeon’s inner boss. To be honest, for a very simple hairstyle, it absolutely provided her with very dominating energy. She looks so neat, bold, and charismatic. Moreover, she commands this hairdo the way she does all the time.

Two buns for a playful energy

Of course, for the last hairstyle, we should never leave this cute blonde hair with double buns out. Why? Because it totally flaunted Taeyeon’s playful energy and youthful beauty. Fans consider blonde as her ultimate color. Well, they are not wrong because Taeyeon always slays her blonde hairstyles. Moreover, she also looks effortlessly chic whenever she wears messy hairdos. Many people will love to steal this hairstyle for sure.

Truly, Taeyeon is indeed capable of mesmerizing people with her powerful vocals and ethereal beauty. Most of all, she can wear various hairstyles and she always slays them perfectly.

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