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INSTAGRAM RAID: Eurwin Canzana exudes poise and charm

INSTAGRAM RAID: Eurwin Canzana exudes poise and charm

Behind his confident smirk and his suave appearance, Eurwin Canzana displays a noble soul. Much like princes in fairytales, he exudes poise and charm. He captures one’s attention – especially with his soft and fluffy hair, his glistening eyes, and his cheeky grin. Eurwin persists in silence and runs with grace as his soul seeks in the tumult of the world. Peace lies in the harmony of his charisma with a tender look in his smiling eyes. 

INSTAGRAM RAID: Eurwin Canzana exudes poise and charm

earthy tones

Earthy tones look good on everybody. Heavily associated with nature, it usually has a mixture of tonalities of browns or tans. It feels friendly, contemporary, and inviting to the eyes. Although sometimes considered as muted or flat, it starts to look more warm and reassuring if worn properly.

a smoldering look


Aside from being associated with the mind, blues are known soothe it. It elicits a cooling, calming, and relaxing atmosphere. However, this specific kind of color reminds me of royalty. As if Eurwin Canzana signify power, elegance, luxury, nobility, and, of course, ambition. The color also symbolizes confidence and wisdom.

a majestic gaze


White can be an intense and powerful color. Instead of absorbing as black does, white reflects completely. It also has an association with perceptions of cleanliness, purity, peace, simplicity, and sophistication. Eurwin paired it with patterned trousers, making it just looked smarter and better.

a piercing glance


Heavily associated with nature, green creates a soothing and relaxing aura. It also triggers a sense of comfort and calm. Aside from that, it works well as an accent piece to add flair to his otherwise muted outfit. Eurwin Canzana, of course, paired it with gray trousers,

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