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IG RAID: Nico Bolzico nailed the role of being Tili’s first love

IG RAID: Nico Bolzico nailed the role of being Tili’s first love

It may sound cliche as it may sound but a father is a daughter’s first love. The way he acts, gives respect, and is responsible could be a huge deal for the daughter’s future. It is something that every dad should prioritize in their household if they have daughters. Luckily, Nico Bolzico nailed this role for his daughter, Tili. 

According to Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Meg Meekers, “Fathers inevitably change the course of their daughters’ lives – and can even save them. From the moment you set eyes on her wet-from-the-womb body until she leaves your home, the clock starts ticking. It’s the clock that times your hours with her, your opportunities to influence her, to shape her character.”

And there are many ways to shape someone’s character. But for Nico, he chooses to show it by being bubbly and hands-on with his daughter. Let’s take a closer look at his Instagram account. 

Nico being the outlet of happiness that starts from his sources, Tili and Solenn 

Nico Bolzico has been married to Solenn Heusaff for 6 years now. Their love for one another created a Thylane Katana ‘Tili’ Bolzico, which instantly became their source of happiness. Their love for one another is like a fine wine, it grows sweeter as days go by as well as their goofiness and craziness. 

He participates in whatever his daughter likes

If there’s one thing that best describes Nico, it’s his funny personality which he carries into Tili’s world. 

But it seems like Tili is the one carrying Nico into her world. She made him sit patiently in her little restaurant, walk with her every morning, braid her hair, and more. 

Nico is also protective of his Daughter 

Just like any father, Nico is very much protective of his daughter when it comes to boys especially now that Tili loves to kiss the son of her parent’s friends. There might not be posted pictures/videos of this on his feed because it is often posted on his Instagram stories. 

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Nico is not a bullied husband, he is simply a family man

As you browse more of his IG posts, you will see most of the time this adorable dad being in the #BulliedHusbandsClub because of his fear of his wife (which can be called being “under,” a common term used by Filipinos). 

But Nico is simply a family man. A kind of man who’s very affectionate toward his wife. He uses his humor to carry out all the dad’s responsibilities that he certainly reflected on to his daughter to create an unbreakable bond. A kind of man’s transition that every woman wants to see from their partner.

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