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How Mommy Oni is Breaking the Internet 

How Mommy Oni is Breaking the Internet 

Toni Fowler, often referred to as “Mommy Oni”, recently took the internet by storm with her viral music video entitled “MPL”. Having captivated her fans through catchy tunes and controversial lyrics, this wasn’t the only reason she was blowing up. Because let’s be honest, what better way to get people’s attention online other than giving away FREE STUFF?

How Mommy Oni is Breaking the Internet 

Unleashing the Giveaway Magic


Oh may bagong filter! Ano giveawaay na nakuha mo? Patingin nga para mabigay ko na sayo 😍 dali! 😍

♬ original sound – Nadski TV IKAW NA

It all started in late March of this year in a post she wrote asking her student followers for a “grade reveal” and if deemed that they’ve been doing good in school, a few selected ones shall receive a little monetary help. She did follow through her word and eventually, a bunch of other odd and extravagant requests came flooding in.

Ever since then, Toni Fowler’s giveaways have become the stuff of legends. Whether it’s the latest iPhones, cash prizes, concert tickets, and even a rhinoplasty surgery, Mommy Oni spares no expense in making her giveaways truly unforgettable. There’s even a TikTok filter dedicated just for her and her giveaways!

Go Big or Go Home

In a world where capturing attention has become a constant pursuit, some individuals resort to truly extraordinary and often unconventional means to stand out from the crowd.

@giantleafart.ph @mommytonifowlerofficial GIANT LEAF ART PORTRAIT 😍🌿 sana magustohan mo momi 😊 #giantleafart #leafart #tonifowler #iphone14 #learnontiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – Giant Leaf Art by Neil 🌿🇵🇭

To showcase his passion for leaf art, Joneil Severino took to TikTok a piece he articulately made for Mommy Oni. It surely did not take long for this amount of talent to go unnoticed, and the next thing we know, Mommy Oni is stitching his TikTok post!


Pinabillboard ako ni Koya para sa iphone14

♬ original sound – Toni Fowler

Another content creator went big when he decided to have an entire billboard put up dedicated just to Mommy Oni. Even if it cost TikToker Jose Guanzon hundreds of pesos for this stunt, he was sure as hell successful in getting Mommy Oni’s attention, and of course, as well as a brand-new iPhone 14.

Riding in on the Bandwagon

We all know that TikTok is where creativity knows no bounds, and this giveaway opened up an entire world dedicated to making hilarious videos referencing Mommy Oni.


10/10 napapikit sa dulo, ramdam ang emosyon

♬ original sound – daniel 🙂

First up the bandwagon train is TikTok creator Daniel Laudit, most commonly known as “Mentor”. He’s known for orchestrating witty skits, and Mommy Oni sure isn’t safe from it. Realest definition of dogshow! 😂

See Also

@akotohuyyy #fyp #iphone14 #mpl @Toni Fowler ♬ original sound – Erik Yoshida Dump

This video by creator Mac Narvaez had people thinking she was Mommy Oni’s doppelganger! With a combination of the Toni Fowler filter and her lip-syncing to “MPL”, her video garnered over 19 million views. Mommy Oni seemed to not mind having someone look exactly like her and even went to meet her personally to give her an iPhone 14.



♬ original sound – Namy

How could we forget a cover of Toni Fowler’s “MPL” (Sad Version)? Not only is it hilarious, it also ironically sounds kind of good, too. 😂

The Ripple Effect

While the material rewards of Toni Fowler’s giveaways are undoubtedly enticing, their true value lies in the intangible aspects they provide. The anticipation, suspense, and joy experienced by participants throughout the giveaway journey are priceless. Moreover, the ripple effect of positivity, inspiration, and unity that emanates from these giveaways is immeasurable. It is a testament to the power of generosity and the ability to create moments of genuine happiness in a digital landscape. As a matter of fact, a lot of other famous TikTok creators like Rosmar Tan have also started giving away similar items.

Toni Fowler’s giveaway also opened her entire platform for millions to see hilarious skits and roleplays, to actual talented creators that went out of their way to participate. As winners are announced and ecstatic reactions flood social media platforms, the positivity spreads like wildfire. It brings people together, igniting conversations and forging new connections.

By breaking the internet with her generosity and spreading joy to thousands, Toni Fowler has cemented her place as an online sensation. Her impact will reverberate far and wide, leaving an enduring legacy in the hearts of her followers and critics alike.

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