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Holy Crêpe! Trying Savory Crêpe for the first time

Holy Crêpe! Trying Savory Crêpe for the first time

While scrolling through your homepage on any social media platform, you will likely see foods scattered around. More often than not, it urges you to satisfy your cravings. Thus recently, I discovered a savory crêpe restaurant hidden in Crêpe Central in the land of Quezon City.

Crêpe Central, located in Scout Fernandez, Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City, offers this one-of-a-kind savory crepe. This one is a must-try as we all saw Crêpes as sweet. But this one is a must-try, especially since the place offers a one-of-a-kind experience. And whopping multiple selections of crêpe flavors.

Photo | Lloyd Esculin

A Perfect Spot in the Metro

Simple Origin of Savory Crêpe

With a long history, Crêpe originated in France during the 12th century. This food staple rose with water and buckwheat as the main ingredients. Thus, over time new alternatives came with the addition of either sweet or savory options.

In addition, Crêpe Central intrigued me with what they offered during my short visit. Their menu includes a lot of classic favorites, which people could choose from. Wherein Savory Crêpe has easily caught my eye.

Like what we see on the internet, their crêpes are tasty from their appearance towards biting. Food is well-presented and plated and immediately welcomes you to enjoy such. Moreover, a whole serving is a perfect meal during lunchtime.

After seeing their menu, I drugged into selecting the flavors of their savory crêpes. I disregard the sweet ones for a while and chose the crêpe with ranch. Thus, there are cheddar and meat options. And afterward, I was surprised immediately by the serving size and taste when my order came.

Besides that, I enjoyed the Savory Crêpe with a Sakura Drink which was refreshing. Despite that, I was hoping there would be a movie in front of me as this food is perfect for viewing. So, I know I will try more of their food menu one day.

Photo | Lloyd Esculin

Refreshing and Lovely Ambiance

Entering the Crêpe Central feels like a perfect spot to chill and have a good place to talk. It’s warm and inviting, and the aesthetics are a plus—also, the colors black, brown, and white express a clean ambiance.

In addition, the wooden looks all around the area are a delight to the eyes. No wonder it gives the French impression that preserves the value of this cuisine. And a mixture of outdoor and indoor spots is supplied with a classic spectrum of plain yet beautiful impressions.

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Overall, the whole area is Instagram-worthy. Every side has an angle for your photography shots. And it is worth sharing in the means to bring your friends and loved ones as the whole area feels like home.

Meanwhile, while I was on my last bite of the amazing Savory Crêpe, I enjoyed talking with some staff. They were friendly and hospitable and entertained my questions regarding the place and food. Indeed, it is more likely that I will return to the site again as everything is perfect to say it’s a hidden gem.

Finally, trying out savory crêpe is an extraordinary feeling. Just like how the world changes daily, what I used to taste was infused with the new idea. Some see sweetness as a good outcome in our journey, but we should try savory experiences to simulate our special moments once in a while.

Photo | Lloyd Esculin

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